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"she always pouts. perchance hath opposition?"

usually finding places to go on imaginary holidays at www.stanfords.co.uk

the username isn't from the poet, incidentally, but after one of the homing pigeons in the Arthur Ransome 'Swallows and Amazons' books.

[Jan 11 2002]

(+2) 08457-gimme the directions please
(+4) Book rest sunshade
(+3, -2) Busy: auto textback
(+3) Canal/waterway cleaner
(+1) Changeability warning for rainy days
(+6, -2) Derivations spellchecking option
 emergency calls counter
(+8, -1) Gel-filled headrests
(+3, -2) Long Term Purchase Agent
(+9)(+9) Multi-currency cash machine
(+4, -1) Multi-workstation Mouse
(+4, -1) Numerical Range Clothes Sizing
(+2, -1) Offside camera
(+7, -1) Pollen counter alarm clock
(+2) Remote Call Divert
(+6) Walking Scarecrows

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