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Remote Call Divert

for when you've left your mobile at home
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Simple really - I can divert calls from my mobile to another number by using one of the functions on the handset menu. But this is not much help when I have forgotten my phone because it was charging overnight in the corner of the kitchen, and I rushed out without it in the morning. (I haven't really, I'm just giving an example)
There are some things that you can do on the phone company website, including a personalised login area, which I must confess I haven't really bothered with. I might be more interested if it gave me the option of diverting the calls from my mobile lying forlornly in the kitchen at home to the phone on my desk at work. (Obviously difficult to deal with non direct dial work numbers, but you could divert to the mobile of the person who sits near you, assuming they haven't left theirs at home too..!)
I don't know whether the phone companies would let you log in and actually interfere with call routing at a basic level, but at least they may be able to deal with requests in almost real-time.
sappho, May 14 2002

davies clarence http://www.halfbake...a/www.yahoomail.com
davies yahoo [davies, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       It's a horrible feeling, not knowing if you dropped it or left it at home.
thumbwax, May 14 2002

       baked in the UK, with Orange network. i have used it for this exact reason....
mymus, May 14 2002

sappho, May 14 2002

       Should be a very good thing. Sometimes, we give our mobile phone numbers to ppl and they call, and we are not there to answer. I think there can be some in-built mechanism in a mobile that detects such a case and the correspondingly diverts calls. Some criteria , like the number of unanswered calls etc .. may be used for this.
athreyaram, Feb 14 2003

       OK, what you realy need is to stop taking life so seriously. So you forgot your phone at home, so what? Think of it as a day without unsolicited interuptions signaled by out of date pop tunes.
ato_de, Feb 14 2003


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