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scad mientist

[Oct 22 2002]
 3D Zoetrope
(+3) Asymmetric Coaxial Rotor Helicopter
(+1) Backwards cell phone protector
(+4) Blackberry Armour
(+1, -2) Chemical Vacuum "Pump"
(+5) Expanding foam life boats
 File system support for auto-breaking hard links
(+6, -1) Financial Counselor Debt Collectors
(+2) Fusion bomb pumped storage
(+3, -1) Halfbakery Undelete
(+2, -1) Hide the Defendant From the Jury
(+2) High Frequency Augmented Headphones
(+4, -3) Intelligence Testing for Candidates
 Local Spam
(+1) Mulitiple elevators per shaft
(+3, -2) New way to phase out the penny
(+5) Non-uniform Climbers for Space Elevator
(+18)(+18) Parking Lot Solar Farms
 Partial Shade PV
 Power Drill to Car Jack Adapter
(+2, -4) Prohibit theft insurance for firearms
 Reclaim the deserts through global warming
(+2) Rolling Ferris Wheel Transit
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) Standard Dodecahedral Dice
(+3) SWAT Siren
(+1) Swept-beam light experiment
(+2) Tactile Feedback Tuner
(+1) Tax Withholding GUID
(+2) Track clearing vehicle
(+7) Underwater boat storage
(+2) Universal time-delay surveilance
 Wall built by parents of illegals
(+3) Was it homicide, suicide or body modification?
 Wild Animal Farming
(+1) x^2 scale speedometer

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