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SWAT Siren

Use a painfully loud noise when performing a forced entry
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Whenever police need to force entry into a house, they should turn on a painfully loud noise just as they break down the door.

All of the police officers would be equipped with noise canceling hearing protection that cancel out the sound frequency in the alarm. For that reason, the alarm should probably be a single frequency, so the officers' hearing is affected as little as possible. The sound might be pulsed or modulated in a way that can be easily tracked by the noise canceling headphones. The headphones might also provide sound amplification of other sounds as well as communication between officers.

The police officers would have remote control of the sound to turn it on and off, as well as it being monitored by the police station.

This is intended to have several benefits. 1) The suspects in the house being invaded will be less able to resist with their hands over their ears. 2) The sounds coming on suddenly might somewhat mask the sound of the battering ram, making it harder for the suspects to know for sure if it is them or their neighbors, and/or which door the police might be coming in. In general, adding a lot of confusion for the suspects. 3) For suspects who are innocent and completely surprised by the fact that police would be breaking down their door, this system would be widely advertised before being used so it would give some assurance that the people breaking in are actually police, not just home invaders impersonating police. They can stand with their fingers in their ears while the police clear the rooms. Then the police can hit the off button before they put handcuffs on, or otherwise remove people's fingers from their ears.

It is somewhat unlikely that robbers impersonating police officers (which seems to be becoming more common lately where I live) would want to attempt to duplicate this sound. It would require a lot of gear to protect their own ears and would alert the neighbors. The city could even install a network of microphones, say every half mile or something so that any such alarm can be detected. Whenever the police use this for forced entry, dispatch would be notified, so any unexpected alarms would automatically bring the police to the site.

scad mientist, Jan 16 2019

Flash grenades https://en.m.wikipe...g/wiki/Stun_grenade
These are kinda a similar effect, but a bit more crude... [RayfordSteele, Jan 17 2019]


       I like it, except the "widely advertised before being used" part. Surprise is better.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 16 2019

       Y'know what really grinds my gears? They've made it illegal here now to have an out-swinging front door.
Yep. Doesn't matter if that second and a half of back-draft was all that stood between life and death in a fire situation... as long as cops can knock that sucker in.

       Another little legal gem just imposed across Canada; the police now have the right to enter your home and force you to take a breathalyzer test up to two hours after having your vehicle reported by anyone for suspicious driving!
Can nobody see how open to abuse that is?!
When I was growing up there was this waitress my mom knew who hated her ex So much that for years she would stalk him and then steal the plates off his car and get it towed.
This would let anyone who knows your vehicle to make a call when they know you are on your way home from work on a Friday after grabbing a few brews to completely and utterly fuck your life over out of spite...

       ...and it's Legal!   

       Anyway sorry for the mini rant.
Uh, audio attacks as they storm the in-swinging front door of my home with flash grenades, tear gas, and laser blinders at their disposal?
Sure why not.

       This invention would require the development of noise- canceling headphones for dogs, since they're likely to be involved in any good bust operation.   

       Apart from that, it might be useful for breaking communication within the target building, e.g. "flush the drugs!" or "release the tiger!".
bs0u0155, Jan 16 2019

       I like the part of the siren being drowned out by specific frequency cancelling headphones. I had a sort of similar idea for a visual equivalent where a battlefield is lit up with random synchronized blinding flashes that were in sync with the soldier's glasses that darkened with each flash. So the soldiers would be able to see fine, they'd just see the occasional split second flicker as their goggles blocked the blinding flashes but the enemy who was not so equipped would be constantly blinded. They would be completely random so you wouldn't be able to time blinking your eyes.   

       Add the sonic equivalent, perhaps a deafening shrill horn that turns on and off in sink with on / off noise blocking earplugs and you've made the battlefield very hard to get around for the enemy.   

       Could use the blinding thing for law enforcement as well.
doctorremulac3, Jan 17 2019

       [2 fries] the door-law sounds horrific. Is there a provision in the law for the additional exterior screen/storm/security type door? By necessity, they're outwardly opening. My screen door is steel with an ornate wrought iron-style design that concentrates around the lock area preventing access. It's lockable from both sides and would make getting in a longer process, I suspect you'd be forced to bolt-cut your way through it. I was also pleasantly surprised that we have hinges with tabs that interlock when the door is closed, a good legacy of the neighborhoods past I think.
bs0u0155, Jan 17 2019

       Doc, I like the random flash idea. Working in defense vehicle engineering as I do at the moment, I might kick it around and see what feedback I get.   

       Welding helmets can react fast enough to dim welding flash without any fancy timing.
RayfordSteele, Jan 17 2019

       WIFRT ...   

       One minute you're sitting on a rock, singing beguilingly. Next thing you know, a half-ton perforated paddle comes whipping down and splats you. Ungracious, I call it.
pertinax, Jan 17 2019

       //Use a painfully loud noise when performing a forced entry//   

       Initial worries this might have something to do with Harvey Weinstein (on reading that) proved unfounded.
Skewed, Jan 17 2019

       Yep, you can build an exquisitely hard to breech screen door [bs0u0155], but if the main door needs to swing inwards to access it in the first place... and 'out' is the place you need to be, then... in my mind... who the hell has the right to tell me, (on my dime mind you), how to build my own door on my own damn property that I damn well bought and paid for?   

       'More' sirens might be good though too.   

       // What has any of this to do with flies? // Sorry, I guess that should have been SWAT, not Swat.
scad mientist, Jan 17 2019

       I thought about the blinding flashing lights thing as well, but the primary purpose of this idea is to help deal with the deadly situations that arise because of the need for police to occasionally force entry combined with the number of news reports lately that I've seen where intruders claim to be law enforcement. The big thing about the loud noise is that it announces the police presence to everyone. A badge or a warrant can be faked. While criminals could also use an earsplitting noise while robbing your house to pretend to be police, I expect few most would hesitate to announce themselves this way to the neighborhood and any nearby police.   

       If this were primarily for tactical advantage, then yes, it would be best to surprise people with it (not advertise it) and blinding lights would be a great addition. The point of advertising it is so that people know that it is the Police, and know not to resist. Also the neighbors would know what's going on. The lights are fine except that the light would likely not be noticeable a few houses away, so criminals might not hesitate to use the same technology.
scad mientist, Jan 17 2019

       //should have been SWAT//   

       Hey! You spoiled my WIFRT!
pertinax, Jan 17 2019

       //Doc, I like the random flash idea. Working in defense vehicle engineering as I do at the moment, I might kick it around and see what feedback I get.//   

       Well, it's public domain now, let me know if you get any interest.   

       I'll also take that as an olive branch and of course, I accept with a respectful virtual handshake.
doctorremulac3, Jan 17 2019


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