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Semi-covert mod

Status: Toe Dippin'

Lit: 'Magnificent Bastard'

HBGC e- p++>p s@ g- B+ A+ n r+ E+ a(+) t+

[May 03 2002, last modified Mar 15 2021]

(+4, -1) Aunty mutter
(+10, -5) Awful puns and puns for all
(+6, -3) Epitaph Patent Office
 Halfbaker's first post
 Hardware Volume Controls
(+1) Infra-RedTooth Relay
(+6) Loading Truck Traffic Lights
(+3) Nose Buds
(+1) Pen/Stylus Holster Glove
(+7, -1) "Schloop" tins
(+4, -2) Tonal Lego Language
(+8, -6) Troll Petting Zoo
(+3) Turbo/Status
(+5, -1) USB/PS2 relay socket

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