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1 wheeled sport

and ballet
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take the front forks and handle bars,from a scrambler bike. Fit them with a; back wheel, a chain drive,and a small engine or fast electric motor. Mount this on a small hover craft body, that as had its pushing fans removed. Add a role cage. [health and safety]

what you have got is a frictionless back end and rider, being dragged and thrown about by one fast high traction wheel.

It would take someone a bit more skilful than me to make this. and someone a lot less sane to use it

j paul, Jun 04 2011

The Airboard is a small gasoline powered personal hovercraft that rides on a cushion of air. http://www.arbortec...rboard-information/
By leaning back a small thrust wheel at the rear of the vehicle can be brought into contact with the ground to assist acceleration. When flying the rider simply leans to the left to turn to the left, leans to the right to turn to the right [baconbrain, Jun 04 2011]


       Something a bit like this was baked, and somehow allowed in the opening parade of the Sydney Olympics in 2000.   

       The wheel was in back, and no roll cage. (Linque)
baconbrain, Jun 04 2011

       If you have very low load on the wheel, it's going to be hard to get traction.
MechE, Jun 04 2011

       Is having a role cage, like being typecast?
pocmloc, Jun 04 2011

       No, it's like a mime's invisible glass box, but for Method actors.
8th of 7, Jun 04 2011


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