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40 mph 100 ft treadmill

Every gym should buy one
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40 mph 100 ft treadmill with a slight incline towords the end and a foam pit to land in. No hand rails and the belt is an extra wide 6 feet across. To play the game you run on the first 8 ft of belt at normal treadmill speeds and when you cross the line it accelerates and launches you into the foam pit
evilpenguin, Aug 02 2012


       I just had a lucid dream that I was a spermatozoon... [+] <sigh>
Grogster, Aug 02 2012

       So is this a treadmill or a people mover? i.e. which direction does the belt move? It sounds like this is more like a "people launcher".
MisterQED, Aug 02 2012

       Treadmill runs backwards so you can run foward. If you slow down and move past the 8 ft line, you're launched.
evilpenguin, Aug 02 2012

       But if you have an ultralight on the treadmill, can you still takeoff?
DIYMatt, Aug 03 2012


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