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8-Legged Robotic BabyBot Protector

Inspired Partly by Doc Ock in Spiderman 2?
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A semi-intelligent set of robotic arms attached to a baby seat to keep your precious baby safe.

Interprets walking/crawling motions and translates them into movement via robotic arms. They could possibly climb up the sides of buildings, but baby would be perfectly safe in his little padded seat with straps. Wall climbing can be disabled and movement recognition can be customized.

An Automatic Defense System is included. When a stranger comes close, the arms group around the child to protect the baby. If the person gets too close, and reaches out for the baby, the arms block the grab. If the person persists, the BabyBot Protector will go into "Ninja Mode" which involves dodging and running away while defending itself. If cornered, it will then actively attack. It regognizes people with facial-recognition software. This defense mode can be disabled or customized, also.

It also functions as a high-chair, swing, cradle, and possibly other things.

Aside from functionality, it would look pretty awesome.

Adult models available.

DesertFox, Mar 01 2005

And also inspired by this. Anticlimbactic
[DesertFox, Mar 01 2005]


       That made me laugh. Very amusing mental pictures for me.
DesertFox, Mar 01 2005

       I wish I'd had this from when my granny comes over. <goes into flashback> No granny, no!!! I don't like pink, please, stop!!</flashback>
froglet, Mar 05 2005


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