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AI turing test on the other 95% of communication, body language and vocal tone

Body language and vocal tone turing test; human participants wearing gesture suits teach, then compete with body language AI
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Various unreliable sources say human communication is 85% body language and about 10% vocal tone, with just 5% being word content(!)

Have some personal effectiveness teachers, those people that say lean towards a person, make eye contact, say their name, mirror their body language and also mine their utterances for "speaking styles", them mimic/translate the modality wear microgrid gesture suits. Have them interact with people on video chat with instructions to speak the computer generated AI content. The visual onscreen is a superrealistic cartoon of the gesture suit.

Then have the audience, or user, react to the human body language expert while the body language expert is acting like an AI. basically the person is a fast reader and basically teleprompters the AI chat content.

Then another kind of AI, pattern recognition, like voice translation or image identification, figures out what the most effective body language is, based on the combination of the audience/user body language, so there is a "next move" database, or network that interacts with actual human body language to make people the happiest.

I could see this being valuable at animated films prior or concurrent with robot girlfriends and retail staff.

beanangel, Sep 22 2017




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