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Remotely piloted aircraft fly around the course trying to knock the other guys out of the sky, like a roller derby in the air.
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Battlebots, where remote control robots try to destroy each other have been around for a long time. This would be an air race version similar to roller derby, which is an event where gals on roller skates race around a ring trying to knock the other gals down.

All entrants would need to follow two rules. 1) No projectiles and 2) all aircraft must adhere to a weight limit, say 100 pounds.

So the competition would be twofold. Pilot skill in the air and at the drawing board where these are designed. You've got 100 pounds to work with, where to you put that weight? In a heavy cutting propellor? In armor on the trailing edges? Do you put all your weight into a powerful enough engine and super lightweight frame so you can avoid contact all together and just avoid the other combatants? What happens when you try to lap that heavily armored sky tank and he just flies in front of you?

All the remote controls would have limiters placed on them where a set limited size air corridor constrains all the aircraft. So if you try to fly outside that course, the limit automatically stops you. This would keep the formations tight and keep people from wussing out and just avoiding the fight.

Each plane would have an insignia. At the end of the race, planes would have the insignias of planes it knocked out of the sky painted on their cowlings, WW2 fighter plane style.

Might have prop and jet categories too.

doctorremulac3, Jul 18 2020

Aerial Battle Bots https://techcrunch....tlebots-generation/
One of the first hits on google, but there are plenty ... [kdf, Jul 18 2020]

Drone Clash http://www.droneclash.nl/
The World’s First Drone Demolition Derby ... [kdf, Jul 18 2020]

Model Aircraft Combat Rules https://www.modelai...bat%202019-2020.pdf
[kdf, Jul 19 2020]


       RPV aerial combat is extensively baked. Is your “new” idea simply scaling it up to RPVs weighing up to 100lbs?
kdf, Jul 18 2020

       "Simply" having aircraft of a set weight flying around pylons in a corridor of a set size automatically constrained by the R/C systems exactly as was indicated in the post.   

       That would make the stupid ideas in the link watchable.
doctorremulac3, Jul 18 2020

       Try DroneClash (link) to see if it’s closer to what you had in mind.
kdf, Jul 18 2020

       Not even close.
doctorremulac3, Jul 18 2020

       What about lasers ? EMP weapons ?
8th of 7, Jul 18 2020

       Hmmm. Those do sound like fun.   

       Ok, two categories. No weapons, ramming only and weapons.
doctorremulac3, Jul 18 2020

       What about ground fire ?
8th of 7, Jul 18 2020

       Mmm, naa.
doctorremulac3, Jul 18 2020

       You're no fun any more.
8th of 7, Jul 18 2020

       Baked. Weight limit 55lbs per Academy of Model Aeronautics rules. R/C "Combat" (cut a towed ribbon) and "Pylon" (race) are well established, and ground fire is baked by the tradition of flying R/C aircraft at low altitude through the annual Big Sandy Shoot in Arizona, USA.   

       For the experience of aerial battle, the computer game "Starsiege: Tribes" does pretty well.
sninctown, Jul 18 2020

       //I'm gonna fishbone this, just shy of calling [mfd] as a variation on an existing activity - a "different flavor" so to speak //   

       Oh my god! Thank you for not typing the letters mfd! I don't know if I'd ever recover! Oh, wait, I couldn't possibly care less.   

       //not at all original.//   

       The flight corridor constraint has been suggested where now?
doctorremulac3, Jul 19 2020

       Everywhere. Almost all aerial competitions (and those for ground vehicles, for that matter) take place in a fixed, described area.
kdf, Jul 19 2020

       Constrained automatically by the remote controls?   

       Might want to read the idea before going into “I’m the new sheriff in town!” mode.
doctorremulac3, Jul 19 2020

       <Gratuitously offensive racist Blazing Saddles reference/>
8th of 7, Jul 19 2020

       I'll also point out that the cowling kills art isn't being done yet either. In short, this would be interesting and exciting with measurable victory metrics including the spectacle of seeing a champion taxi onto the flight deck sporting 25 kills on its cowling. THAT'S going to be watched.   

       Bunch of buzzing things bumping into each other? Not so much. You can also load a lot more weight onto an airplane vs a quadcopter. More weight equals more arms, armor, weapons, in short, more entertainment.   

       And 8, not sure what I was thinking saying there would be an un-armed category. Weight limit? Yes. Weapons limitation? Of course not. Everything up to very small nuclear weapons would be allowed but they'd be allowed too.
doctorremulac3, Jul 19 2020

       Extracts from one example of model aircraft combat rules (linked):   

       “... Each combat circle shall be laid out using two (2) concentric circles to provide a three (3) foot radius pilot’s circle and a 70- to 75-foot radius safety circle. ...”   

       “... The aircraft or engine shall be equipped with a device to stop the engine in the event of a line break or other incident which allows the aircraft to leave the flying circle. ...”   

       Doc, you can paint your airplanes any color you want, change design specs of the compeitors, or imagine a new mechanism for enforcing contest rules ... but you’re still just groping for some “original” idea in a well establish, existing sport category. It’s all different flavors, not an invention.   

       What’s next for you? Inventing a game called “football” where players can also use their hands and carry the ball, and the “ball” isn’t even spherical?
kdf, Jul 19 2020

       Does it correct the path and steer it back into the ring or stop the engine? Stopping the engine stops the action doesn't it? Having it automatically steer back into the fray keeps it going.
doctorremulac3, Jul 19 2020


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