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Aikido Bungee Ball

“Use The Force, Luke!”
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In this new team sport there are 10 players on each side, playing on a 100 foot long by 20 foot wide Velcro surface. There are only three lines on the field: one in the middle and on each end. At the start of the game, players may align themselves anywhere they want on their side of the field. Long bungee cords are tied to each player with strong upward force, and each player is wearing Velcro shoes. Every player has a ball, which is also tied to a separate bungee line. Each team will try to get at least one man and ball across the opposite goal line without being knocked off their feet (and consequently yanked up at rocket speed by their bungee). A team will be penalized if a player grabs on to an opponent’s bungee on the way up.

A player who knows he is about to be knocked out of the game may give his ball to another team member on the way up. No player is allowed more than two balls, and they can’t hold the ball by its bungee. Since it will be more difficult to apply Aikido techniques to an opponent while simultaneous clutching his balls, a player will earn extra points if he actually makes it across the goal with both balls intact (an important life lesson here, kids).

Bottom Line: No team can win if it has no balls.

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Game Format Change #1: Field surface changes from Velcro to a nice soft grass. Only when a player loses balance beyond all hope of recovery does the bungee cord quickly pull him up and out of the field of play. (Getting rid of the Velcro shoes likely means a product endorsement bonanza for the star players in the league; especially since it was highly improbable that the purchase of Velcro shoes would have been appealing to the fans...)

Grogster, Jun 19 2010


       One more thing: an opposing player can try to kick another player in the balls, but runs the risk of being sent up by his bungee...
Grogster, Jun 19 2010

       problematic,1- Bungee tension would keep players from moving forward or backward, and 100 feet is a pretty long stretch. and 2- Large areas of velcro have a magnificently strong grab. Lifting feet off would take a lot of energy. It makes me tired just thinking about it. nice try tho'
dentworth, Jun 19 2010

       Good point, [dentworth]; see Game Format Change #1.
Grogster, Jun 19 2010

       Is aikido the robot dog or the paper-folding? I forget.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 19 2010

       //deal with the droppings somehow// six each hand, four face up, then one to the stock for trump
lurch, Jun 20 2010

       Bun just for playing a game on a giant field of velcro. I see velcro-based ball games having all sorts of applications.
RayfordSteele, Jun 20 2010

       [Ray] if you reinstate the Velcro, you're going to have to tighten the bungee. making all sorts of ripping forces on the player, perhaps we should make the player Aibo robots just to be safe.
dentworth, Jun 20 2010

       American football with velcro outfits could be interesting, having to unattach themselves from eachother after tackle pile-ons. Add some to the ball and the ball's possession should go to whomever it's stuck to, no pulling off with your hands allowed. Perhaps some offensivce teams might decide to form simply a mass of bodies velcro'd together to march the ball down the field.
RayfordSteele, Jun 21 2010

       What would the bungee cords be attached to?   

       Somewhere above the players, obviously, but it seems that unless special design considerations are made, the cords will inevitably tangle if the players or balls move in even a slightly complicated pattern.   

       Hmm... If the playing field has a steel ceiling, and each bungee is attached to an upside-down cart with swivel casters, which in turn is stuck to the ceiling with powerful magnets, then crossing the cords could be avoided.
goldbb, Jun 21 2010

       You could do this without the cords, and include a call of "Red Rover, Red Rover!"
bungston, Jun 21 2010

       Each player should be tied to their own blimp. Plenty of room for player sponsorship.
marklar, Jun 22 2010

       This would be fun combined with Counter Ballance World.   


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