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All around Radar/Laser Detector

A Radar detector with remote sensors
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The idea is to make the radar detector less obvious. Have the head unit of the system installed in the dash of the car. Make it look like an equalizer for the stereo. Then have 2-6 sensors installed on the exterior of the vehicle. Behind the grill and inside head/tail/marker lights would be good. The system could also give a direction from where the signal was coming from, so you would know where to look.
Mossback74, Oct 26 2003

Whistler 3450 http://www.whistler-radar.com/p.html
Remote Installed Radar Detector for about $200 [gjd6640, Apr 03 2005]


       by the time i figured it out, i would probably run into the car ahead of me.
aquamarine, Oct 26 2003

       Some Ferraris are built with a radar detector integrated with the rearview mirror. Directional detectors are also baked. Not very usefull though, by the time a cop came up behind, it's all ready too late.
KLRico, Oct 26 2003

       These are already produced, but they cost a lot more than a regular unit.
lumpy gravy, Feb 10 2004

       I own the Whistler 3450 (see link) and it seems to work well. Can't find it today but there's a Car and Driver shootout that covers the different 'Remote Installed' models. This one was the cheapest remote install detector available when I bought it.   

       It takes a fair amount of work to install one of these but you end up with a hidden detector. I like that I don't have to worry about thieves or cops seeing my detector.
gjd6640, Apr 03 2005


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