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Anabolic experiences

Generate endogenous testosterone
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Testosterone has anabolic effects. But exogenous testosterone is now taboo for atheletes. How to stimulate endogenous testosterone?

Testosterone levels fluctuate according to recent experiences. Linked is a study finding increased testosterone after viewing a victory. In animals, suffering a defeat by a rival leads to acutely lowered testosterone, probably to dissuade the loser from seeking out another ass-kicking in the short term. The victor has a surge in testosterone, maybe to encourage him to capitalize on his strength and move up the totem pole. Maybe sexual experiences (porn?) have similar effects?

I propose that similar mechanisms are at work in humans. The product is a video or perhaps a video game in which the experiences leading to an endogenous testosterone surge a replicated. On the heels of this short term surge a workout should be extra effective, or at least could be plausibly marketed as such.

We will see if such a scheme pulls beanangel out of the wordwork for commentary or if the good bean has a different nom de bake these days.

bungston, Dec 22 2010

Victory video = higher testosterone http://www.ncbi.nlm...gov/pubmed/19804944
[bungston, Dec 22 2010]


       Come on - tell me you have not googled anabolic + video. The company has been making porn since 1991.
normzone, Dec 22 2010

       //pulls beanangel out of the wordwork//   

       That was an inspired typo.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 22 2010

       Purely anecdotal, but when I stick a couple herbal steroid saponin capsules up my nostrils I get a bit of a surge.
rcarty, Dec 23 2010


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