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For Compulsive Readers
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One thing that has always annoyed me about baths is that you can't read in them. Well, you sort of can, but not really, not without getting your pages all finger-printed with bubble bath and risking the dreaded slip into the water. So I propose a very simple idea: make books waterproof. Not all of them, mind, because I adore books just the way they are, but it might be a nice idea to print some separate waterproof editions, perhaps printed on plastic, or just with laminated pages. It would also work for magazines or those abridged classics. This just came to me this evening while I wanted to read in the shower, but I think the idea is better for a bath because nobody except me wants to read in the shower. :)
bookends, May 14 2006

Waterproof Book Waterproof_20book
For klutzes likely to spill their drinks, rather than bathtime readers. [DrCurry, May 15 2006]

Wired article on waterproof books (2002) http://www.wired.co...,1284,55845,00.html
[jutta, May 15 2006]

NYT article on Melcher Media, publisher of ~ http://www.iht.com/...siness/durabook.php
[jutta, May 15 2006]

OEDILF: ablute http://www.oedilf.c...Lim.php?Word=ablute
A rhyming dictionary! [jutta, May 15 2006]

Cradle 2 Cradle http://www.amazon.c...s&v=glance&n=283155
Completly 100% recycleable plastic paper-like water proof book [Curiosity, May 16 2006]


       This is baked, [bookends]. My daughter used to have a waterproof book made out of vinyl. It was called "Dana the Dino" and I used to read it to her in the bath every night.
Oh, how I miss reading that book! Children grow up much too quickly.
methinksnot, May 14 2006

       Aw, cute. Okay, sorry, I hadn't a clue it was baked. It should be more widespread, I think. Do you reckon I should delete the idea?
bookends, May 14 2006

       It's up to you.
I would leave it here just for a little while to see what other comments it gets because I am sure this has not been made for any other type of books.

       [later] Ha. Now I'm sure it has been done for lots of other types of books. My bad for not searching.
methinksnot, May 14 2006

       I've seen waterproof books for SCUBA divers, the subject being identification of fishes.   

       If you are so inclined, you can bone up on the various species of mackerel while abluting yourself.
Texticle, May 14 2006

methinksnot, May 14 2006

       Yeah, my dictionary says it isn't a word either - but I know better. I guess it's the verb form of ablution.
Texticle, May 15 2006

       It is obviously an advanced form of reflexive verb. We'll have to wait for the linguists in the bakery to spot this and give us some guidance.
methinksnot, May 15 2006

       [methinksnot] How old is the daugher now? If old enough, I bet she could find volunteers to read to her in the bath.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 15 2006

       Why not just get 'Books on Tape' or CD, then *someone* can be reading to you wherever you'd like.
xandram, May 15 2006

       This idea can be saved by transferring it to magazines. Of course, I didn't search this, but I doubt there are any waterproof periodicals for adults. In fact, just typing the word "adults" makes me think of an entirely new category for this idea that goes quite well with bathtub activities. Half-bake-on.
Viejawendy, May 15 2006

       Well, I thought about that, [xandram], but you know, you're really not supposed to have CD players or any other electrical equipment near a bath. Technically. And, yes, I'll edit the idea to include magazines.
bookends, May 15 2006

       Hush your mouth [Galbinus]!
My widdle, special, precious widdle girl...
methinksnot, May 15 2006

       [methinksnot] What year of college was she again? And what was the address of her webcam?
Galbinus_Caeli, May 15 2006

       You'll be arrested (unless you are under 16) and then I'll be arrested. (wanders off muttering) perverts... they're all just a bunch of perverts after my special little princess.
methinksnot, May 15 2006

       Ack! All lecherous statements retracted! With extreme prejudice!
Galbinus_Caeli, May 15 2006

       Baked... fishbone, sorry man.
Curiosity, May 16 2006

       16, eh? Interesting...   

       No, wrong! Bad NTSS! Bad! <Hits head to stop thoughts. Bad, bad, evil thoughts>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 16 2006

       Thunk! Thunk! Crack! Crash! Spleesh!   

       <puts bloody cinder block next to where [NTSS]' head used to be>   

       Youse aint seen nothin. Right?
methinksnot, May 16 2006

       Thank you, [methinksnot], I feel much better now.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 17 2006

       [bookends] Most players come with a 'battery-operated' mode, too.
xandram, May 17 2006


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