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Aroma-Enhancing Coffee Cup Lids

Because it's all about the smell!
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Coffee lids should have an additional raised opening in the middle in which you can insert your nose while sipping your coffee. This will allow you to enjoy the smell of the coffee which is largely lost when coffee is sealed inside a lidded cup. The raised opening lines up with the nostrils and is higher than the sipping hole to prevent spillage.
lingamish, Jul 02 2006


       gahhh! coffee up me node. it burns. it burns! hack, weeze. bun for implausibility of it working.
tcarson, Jul 02 2006

       good for those who like to inhale their coffee, instead of just sipping +
xenzag, Jul 02 2006

       mmmmmmmm...coffee. [+]
monojohnny, Jul 02 2006

       I often wonder what crimes certain people must've committed in order to pay the penalty of having to transport what should be a nice relaxing beverage on a cross-country hike in the middle of frenzied crowded rush-hour conditions, and not be allowed to actually partake of the ludicrously expensive contents until they get to the other end of their daily journey. Sometimes I do see some of them take the occasional sip in mid- transport. Very naughty - not allowed - it's supposed to remain full and get cold.   

       The next step up in penalisation must be being forced to having to continually engage in checking and responding to email in a ridiculously obsessive manner, no matter where you are. For this, the sentenced is supplied, for their crimes, a Blackberry.   

       Thank goodness I've been good, and can ignore email freely by being away from my desk, casually making enjoyable coffee.
Ian Tindale, Jul 02 2006

       Careful attention would need to be paid to the engineering of the aroma vent. But there has to be a better way to drink coffee on the go than sucking it through that tiny opening on the plastic lid.
lingamish, Jul 02 2006

       Maybe you could apply this technology to beer bottles? I find a stein whenever possible, because you just can't taste beer when it's coming through a tiny bottle opening.
GutPunchLullabies, Jul 03 2006

       Hmm...this makes me wonder about an aroma straw...*puzzle*
shapu, Jul 03 2006

       [lingamish] - agree abot the //careful attention ...aroma vent//.   

       I reckon something like two fine-gauze covers and gap between; so that the "smellycules" could get out, but big spheres of agonizingly painful burning coffee would have a harder time escaping through the two gauze traps as you bounced your way the the afore-mentioned [Ian Tindale] frenzied crowded rush-hour conditions.
monojohnny, Jul 03 2006

       How much liquid is required to release aroma? Some cups have recessed areas where the drinking hole is. These allow a small amount of liquid to be exposed to the environment I assume for the purpose of cooling it down. Maybe if these were larger...
lingamish, Jul 04 2006


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