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Atomic Rocket II

What do you get from a thorium column and a partical accelerator?
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Jim figures the old thorium alloy column and partical accelerator punch line is a rocket.

To prove the point Jim requires a column of thorium alloy and a particle accelerator (or three). Jim places the metal column on the ground and arranges his particle accelerators in a circle around it, standing stone style.

Jim fires up the particle accelerators and up goes the column. Jim adjusts the intensity of each accelerator as required.


madness, Jan 10 2011


       Jim might want to note first that the biggest operational component of a particle accelerator is a vacuum.
FlyingToaster, Jan 10 2011

       Jim obligingly trundles out his Dust Devil.
bungston, Jan 10 2011

       Jim better check the mechanical properties of thorium; building the structural columns of his rocket out of the stuff may not be the best idea...
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 10 2011

       Nuclear rockets have been proposed. Have a critical geometry of fuel rods like in a boiling water reactor. Heat water to make steam and shoot it out one side of the rocket. a small volume of water turns into a large volume of steam while keeping the fuel cool.   

       no one wants something "explosive and nuclear" flying above their heads
metarinka, Jul 23 2011

       [metarinka] and [FlyingToaster] where does it say this is for use on earth? Both objections are answered by building it on the moon. It's a rather loony idea.
mouseposture, Jul 23 2011

       MaxwellBuchanan has no idea what Jim is talking about.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 23 2011

       15 years later, Jim dies of cancer.
Alterother, Jul 23 2011

       Come one guys, it's not like this is rocket science...   

       Wait a minute...   

       There is not a possible nuclear propulsion scheme that has not been explored. That includes direct fusion and fission torches. The next one that works will be the first, and this is not it.
MechE, Jul 25 2011


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