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Augmented reality indoor electric go-kart track

Drop bananas and shoot turtle shells at your opponents!
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It's your typical indoor electric go-kart track but each kart is outfitted with a transparent LCD windscreen - effectively an autostereoscopic heads-up display that augments the physical track with certain digital elements designed to spice up your racing experience.

The karts would also be modified to behave accordingly under certain circumstances. For examples: if you drive over a virtual banana peel your kart will spin out of control, a speed booster will send your cart hurling forward, someone may stun you with a turtle shell causing your steering inputs to be reversed temporarily, the possibilities are endless!

gordy, Nov 30 2011


       Nice. +
AusCan531, Dec 01 2011

       Modified karts would simply need a 'drive-by-wire' system for steering and engine control (and maybe brakes, but those would be safer to keep mechanical). Once that is done, you don't actually need a 'track', just a wide open space (empty carpark, warehouse, indoor sports facility, etc), and let the virtual view create the track for you.
A headset (glasses display) might be better than a windscreen.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 01 2011

       Pick up enough speed to jump high off the ramp and catch the floating pastry. +
swimswim, Dec 01 2011

       Superimposed on the other drivers could be images of burly smoking-hot hunks, instead of your eye-hurting mesh-shirt wearing videogame buds.   

       I like it all. +
bungston, Dec 01 2011


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