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Auto-Delete within GROWL

I just love my GROWL notifications,
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but i wish they could be more interactive instead of just informative.

I just got a notification of new mail in my yahoo account, and I know it's spam from the title... Unless I do have a very rich deceased great uncle in Nigeria and his wife needs my account information...

I digress...

There should be an option for some interactivity for what happens when notifications come. Well, specifically, for email, have the option of deleting it straight from the notification window.

That would be great. Unless you like to get spam mail, because nobody real emails you and you feel good because atleast some spammer took time to use your email address.

twitch, Aug 10 2007


theleopard, Aug 10 2007

       There's a nice little company out there that provides a mission impossible style email service.The message self destructs and seems to go up in flames at the press of a button before your eyes on the monitor.
skinflaps, Aug 10 2007


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