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B-Pillar Mirror

Let the backseat passengers see what the drivers see.
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Whenever I am in a car I am usually the one driving or in the front passenger seat. The other day when I was riding in the back seat of a friend's car, he made mention of some idiot driver behind him. My first inclination was to look in the side view mirror which was non-existant. At that moment I thought about how convienient it would be to be able to see behind the car from the back seat without having to turn around. The solution would be a second set of side view mirrors on the car so that the rear seat passengers can share the same vantage point of the driver.
Jscotty, Apr 22 2006


       And let backseat drivers have more of a say?
silverstormer, Apr 22 2006

       The addition of secondary side mirrors would make for two more, (albeit small) blind spots for the driver.   

       The mirrors would probably have to mount 6 to 10 inches higher to keep them out of the view of the main side view mirrors.
Jscotty, Apr 23 2006

       We greatly favour this idea, the unmentioned benfit being that rear-seat passengers can easily check behind for passing traffic (driver side) or pedestrians (passenger side) before opening their door, thus avoiding at the least embarrasment and annoyance, and possibly serious damage to one or more vehicles.   

       The standard passenger-side driving mirror should have as an adjunct a small mirror aligned for the passenger, for the same purpose stated above.
8th of 7, Sep 09 2013


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