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Banana Peeler

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a machine kinda like a can opener but a machine that would peel your banana !!!!!!
emmerz09, Mar 05 2007

Grape Scissors http://www.annabelc...pe_scissors_104.htm
For when normal scissors just don't cut it [imaginality, Mar 05 2007]

Hand-held http://www.dynamic-...banana-splitter.htm
Arthritis, for example, can make it hard for some to open bananas. [jutta, Mar 05 2007]

US Patent #4,446,782 http://www.google.c...ct&zoom=4&dq=banana
What on earth ... [jutta, Mar 05 2007]

US Patent #3,451,451 http://www.google.c...2&dq=banana#PPP7,M1
Well, at least this one has a banana in it. [jutta, Mar 05 2007]

De semi-automatische bananenpeller http://www.youtube....2Edailydiy%2Ecom%2F
Video of banana peeler. [skinflaps, Mar 20 2007]

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methinksnot, Mar 05 2007

       A Banana Peeler is a personal assistant.
nuclear hobo, Mar 05 2007

       Get a monkey.
DrCurry, Mar 05 2007

       For all those who think grape scissors are also a valuable, much-needed invention.
imaginality, Mar 05 2007

       I'll buy one if it will cover the banana in chocolate while it peels the skin off.   

       <aside - anyone recall a character named 'Nana Peel? It popped into my brain when I read this but I can't find a link showing where it comes from.>
Canuck, Mar 05 2007

       I used to peel bananas from the stalk end. Then after 30 years I found that it is far easier to do it from the other end. Obviously the package labelling needs improvement. I propose that bananas be genetically engineered to grow a pigmented arrangement that reads "open at other end".
Ling, Mar 05 2007

       Canuck: Unless you're thinking of Emma Peel of the Avengers - have you ever had something to do with school or community theater? There's a play called "The Great Ice Cream Scheme"; in it, the ice cream store's manager is named "Nana Peel".
jutta, Mar 05 2007

       What [DrCurry] said. That anno will actually work in *any* situation.
wagster, Mar 05 2007

       [Canuck] My first guess would have been the bananaman comics, but that's just a guess.
david_scothern, Mar 05 2007

       Video link.
skinflaps, Mar 20 2007

       Bananas are easy to peel...what we need is a plantain peeler.
Blisterbob, Mar 20 2007


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