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Basket Bed

Weave reeds and stalks into basket and get in it.
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The basket bed is round or ovoid, woven of large and small flexible elements as baskets are. The bottom of the basket bed is not in contact with the floor, the edges of the basket extending down 9 inches on all sides. The bottom is made of flexible flat strips such that they can stretch, acting as a spring. The basket bed can be lifted easily by one person.

Benefits 1: Big basket is durable, light and cheap. 2: Basket is fashionable looking if you are one whose main room is also the sleep room. 3: Basket walls retain sleeper thrashing about as he fights ninjas in his sleep. 4: Basket can be taken in its entirety outdoors and washed with soap and water. 5: Basket can be left outdoors and slept in there.

Drawback: 1. Round shape means edge space not useful for generally elongate-shaped sleepers.

bungston, Apr 22 2017


       Wicker coffins are robust, inexpensive, and surprisingly comfortable. So this would probably work OK.
8th of 7, Apr 22 2017

       !. I love baskets.   

       2. I love beds.   

       3 I love to sleep   

       4. I love to lie in bed with my feet up the wall.   

       5. I love this idea.
blissmiss, Apr 22 2017

       For me, I'd like it over sized. A size that doesn't fit through a door. A huge handle, ready for a Skycrane, is also a want.   

       Don't those flexible flat strips need a H shaped basket to work?
wjt, Apr 23 2017

       Is there a lid? To keep the cat out. [+]
whatrock, Apr 24 2017

       Or in the case of a wicker coffin*, to keep the cat in ...   

       *Actually, a scaled-down wicker man.
8th of 7, Apr 24 2017

       Baked by Moses's mom?   

       Basket reeding tends to break after awhile and get rather pokey. Not so sure I'd want one.
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2017


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