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Bathroom Atm

Make a withdrawl and a small deposit.
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Has anyone ever been robbed while in the jon? Probably a safe place for an atm. Possibly a Combination ATM Urinal?
L a z y M a n, Aug 06 2003

Sp: ablutionary http://www.m-w.com/...nary?va=ablutionary
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

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       I paid a dollar for a condom.
wombat, Aug 06 2003

       When inflation gets bad, one can take care of another need with the cash.
n-pearson, Aug 06 2003

       I kind of liked the saying "Place a call on the porcelain telephone" so in this case it would be "Make a deposit at the porcelain ATM" yet in this idea the atm would obviously be separate and not part of the joke. I will delete this idea, i just wondered how it might work out. now that i think of what kind of graffiti, scratching, dirt, grime, unmentionable other stuff people would find to deface it. The thing would become functionless within 24 hours.
L a z y M a n, Aug 06 2003

       what do you mean, delete, this is a perfectly sensible idea. (+)
neilp, Aug 06 2003

       I don't like idea of the atm machine having pissy or poopy fingers be recently placed all over the keys.
robert the great, Aug 06 2003

       [robert the great] by social convention, people always use the machine before undertaking any abloutionary transactions
neilp, Aug 06 2003

       They don't call it filthy lucre for nothing.
k_sra, Aug 06 2003


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