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Best Bacon Ever!

Raise pigs fed with weed
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Raise pigs and feed them mostly marijuiana loaded with THC. You need the THC to get absorbed into their fat cells for later. Promote fat cell growth (absorbing THC along the way) by giving them high-fat items when they get the munchies, like cheesies, french fries, burgers, cheesecake, etc.

When the pigs are eventually processed into bacon, the meat will be laden with THC. While you're eating it and the THC hits your brain, you'll be convinced that it is THE BEST BACON EVER!!!! :-)

(this was an idea that came up in a conversation with a bunch of coworkers, so it's more of a group idea, not just mine. i wish i were this smart all on my own :-)

cameron, Sep 11 2002

Best Plasma Metabolites Ever. http://www.undcp.or...1-01_2_page005.html
Pigs and pot. [Amos Kito, Sep 17 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(??) Cat http://www.calpoly....ala/catondrugs.html
The dangers of giving animals drugs. [dare99, Sep 18 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Pigs http://www.cvm.uiuc...ork/salmonella.html
death by pork! [briandamage, Sep 24 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

happy happy hemp hemp http://www.utopiasprings.com/vcancirc.htm
just say "yes please" [briandamage, Sep 24 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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read and digest... [briandamage, Sep 29 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Recent meat recalls http://www.fsis.usd...OA/news/newsrls.htm
Note none of the recalls were for THC-laced critters [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Russian Cows Fed Marijuana http://msnbc.msn.com/id/8967307/
Some Russian cows are going to be fed a bunch of weed in winter because that's all they'll have. News at 11. [cameron, Sep 07 2005]


       yeah. let us know how it works out.
Marassa, Sep 11 2002

       //Marijuiana laced with THC//   

       The most psychoactive compound of this particular dioecious plant is tetrahydrocannabinol   

       (H > H -HO -ME < ME-BUn) THC   

       so why would you 'lace' your psychoactive salad further ?   

       (How do you lace something when the ingredient is already present ?)   

       i would have thought there would be a sufficiant quantity to keep the pigs happy. As for the idea i tend to agree with [ Marassa] good luck ....i'll go and put the grill on and wait.
skinflaps, Sep 11 2002

       Won't the pigs just metabolise the actives the same way humans do ? The residual levels will be fairly low, surely.   

       You would have to introduce the active during the curing process to prevent the animal's liver doing an efficient clean-up job, and hope that the other preservatives didn't degrade it.   

       On the other hand, as an entry in the "Animal Welfare" category, I'm sure it would make the pigs very happy.
8th of 7, Sep 12 2002

       Part of the THC is disposed of by the body (in this case, the pigs), but THC is also absorbed into fat cells. For instance, if you smoked a lot of weed and got really fat over the course of a year, your fat cells would be loaded with THC. At a later date if you chose to work out a lot and metabolise that fat, you would get high again. (just maybe not as high as you did smoking all those big fatties and bowls from the wizard bong :-P)
cameron, Sep 12 2002

       But when you grill bacon, a lot of the lipids drip out, presumably carrying your precious psychoactive components away in solution ?
8th of 7, Sep 12 2002

       skinflaps - "laced" was an incorrect word on my part. I should have used "loaded". I didn't mean that *more* THC should be added.   

       That being said, not all marijuiana has noticeable levels of THC. In Canada, the government marijuiana farm in FlinFlon had to start with no-THC (or rather, extremely low THC) hemp and breed it over many generations to get a THC producing plant. (The reason they chose this route was legal/political. The government can't buy weed - that would be illegal, but they can buy hemp and breed it. Yah, crazy, i know.) Of course, the no-THC weed wouldn't be much good in the pig project. ;-)
cameron, Sep 12 2002

       good point, 8th of 7. I guess you should use the George Forman (sp?) grill and save all that yummy fat! ;-)   

       Personally i save my bacon fat for frying rice in later.
cameron, Sep 12 2002

       I have to agree with the masses here, there won't be anything left in the bacon by the time you fry it up and eat it. Seeing as you are aware that it is extremely fat soluable, use your imagination as to what exactly would absorb those precious delta cannibinoids, and go hog wild. (cameron's mom: why is the butter green? cameron: Don't worry mom, everything will be fine in a few minutes, you'll see. In the meantime, can I interest you in another piece of toast? Perhaps some bacon then. No? How about some fried rice?)
Mr Burns, Sep 12 2002

       Maybe he's actually Napoleon, the smartest pig on Animal Farm ?
8th of 7, Sep 12 2002

       mmmmm... smoked bacon
thumbwax, Sep 12 2002

       Bliss: Whatever gave you that idea? I put butter on everything...
Mr Burns, Sep 12 2002

       //put butter on everything// just don't get caught..   

       I'm wondering if someone has done this,i know someone who gets his pig drunk then it runs around banging its head against the fence wall then sleeps for hours...alcoholic bacon.mmm.
skinflaps, Sep 12 2002

       I know I'm going to get flamed ofr this, but i once gave one of my ex-wife's cats a spoonful of Bailey's Irish Cream ..... nearly died laughing, a pissed cat is the funniest thing on earth short of seeing Tony Blair being sexually assaulted by a rhino.
8th of 7, Sep 12 2002

       ohh man you know how I love cat torture, hmmm I think we have some baileys in the liquor cabinet heh heh heh.
Gulherme, Sep 17 2002

       cameron, you really shouldn't spend so much time in the company of coworkers. Cow orking is banned under the Geneva Convention.
DrBob, Sep 17 2002

       ...or was it the Fairport Convention?
DrBob, Sep 17 2002

       I don't know if drug behave the same way in pigs as they do in humans, but I suspect the only place you'd get any long-term build up of chemicals from the drug or (more likely) derived by-products of the drug would be in the hair. Your liver/kidneys tend to clear out any ingested chemicals pretty well.

This might however leave the door open for psychotropic pork scratchings.
namaste, Sep 17 2002

       For the "BEST BACON EVER" I think that the human would need to ingest the THC first, then eat the bacon sometime after (a.k.a. the "munchies").

       That being said, croissant anyway. Bacon is a much neglected food.
xrayTed, Sep 17 2002

       Aww, when I saw 'best bacon ever' I thought you were talking about turkey bacon. Can someone please import turkey bacon to Australia? Please?
madradish, Sep 18 2002

       bliss you hypocrite, and you were telling *me* off for bad language. Don't make me come over there and smack your botty.
madradish, Sep 19 2002

       <sigh> she started it.
madradish, Sep 19 2002

       botty = bottom (isn't it obvious)
What is auszealicks atraopes?

       Anyway, thanksgiving isn't commonly celebrated in Australia. My family celebrates it because of my father. Also turkeys like me.
madradish, Sep 20 2002

       <slappety slappety slap slap>
madradish, Sep 22 2002

       Ummm... why not just smoke the weed and eat regular bacon? You would get much more from a dimebag of weeed than feeding the pig hundreds of pounds of it through the course of it's short life before being slaughtered.
Wraith, Sep 22 2002

       What if they won't eat it?
jon3, Sep 22 2002

       they go hungry..
skinflaps, Sep 23 2002

       <comic book guy> Worst bacon ever. </comic book guy>
NickTheGreat, Sep 23 2002

       instant idea-just add THC
Saruman, Sep 23 2002

       //My mother always taught me to respect my vegetables//   

       Whoever said I was *your* vegetable bliss?
madradish, Sep 24 2002

       Why risk your health and take pork? Pork is bad for you (see link). Marijuana is not bad for you.And may actually have many benefits. Fact- there are 1.4 million cases of pork related salmonella poisonings per year in the USA alone, resulting in 600 fatalities, and costing the tax payer an estimated 0.5 - 2.3 billion dollars in medical expenses and lost productivity. There has not been even ONE proven death relating to the use of cannabis, ever. Sure there are people who die with cannabis in their system, but this is always connected with things like driving, or swimming, while drunk and stoned, or even strangulation of the gut after ingesting the hemp fibres, wich are very long and tough. The medical benefits of cannabis have been known for thousands of years, and are just being rediscovered by modern medicene. The dangers of eating pork are all too well known by modern medecine, but never publicised. Just 'cos something is legal, doesn't make it safe. Just 'cos something is illegal, doesn't make it unsafe. Research, read, understand and then decide. When you are scared of pork, check out the additives that go into chicken that make them mature in only 28 days, for a really scary read....
briandamage, Sep 24 2002

       //three states are voting to legalize up to 3 ounces to be ok for"at home" use//   

       As long as the government can make money by keeping it illegal, these proposals will never see the light of day, regardless of any medicinal value, or of any studies showing that it is much less harmful than other commercially available legal alternatives (beer). Did I say never? I mean NEVER. Since it would be difficult to control/tax if legal, the government stands to lose significant revenues, as well as "filler" for all those new prisons they worked so hard to build.. (google up a quick search on how many persons are incarcerated for marijuana posession) Briandamage, I hear you man..
Mr Burns, Sep 24 2002

       // Marijuana is not bad for you. //   

       And that has got to be the "Stupidest Annotation Ever!" appropriately located in the "Dumbest Idea Ever!"   

       I would have thought it reasonably clear you're not talking to a bunch of idiots here. Please do not take us as such.
waugsqueke, Sep 24 2002

       //And that has got to be the "Stupidest Annotation Ever!" //   

       Actually waugs, I'd like to be disassociated with the "us" in your last anno. Whether or not you agree with briandamage is up to you, of course, but at least he had the maturity to back up his point of view with some links and an argument. I think your reply is more dismissive than is called for: I would go so far as to say it's needlessly insulting.   

       //"Dumbest Idea Ever!"//   

       That, at least, I'll give you.
yamahito, Sep 25 2002

       Hey, bubba. I'm not promoting the use of cannabis, or anything else, on this site, or anywhere else. I was pointing out that just 'cos something is legal doesn't mean its good for you, and viccy verky. I personally don't give a toss what you or anyone else inserts into their body, AS LONG AS IT DOESN'T RUIN MY DAY. As far as cannabis use goes, I don't think I've ever been hassled or threatened by a stoned ( on grass)person. I've had my day ruined numerous times by drunk people. And as far as people who think eating pork or any other meat on a daily basis go, I reccomend reading <101 reasons to go vegetarian> (see link). Then you might understand why I think the problem lies in the eating of meat rather than the smoking of cannabis. And Waugs. Compared to the overeating of dead animals, smoking a bit of weed now and again is definately NOT bad for you, any more than OCCASIONALY eating meat. But as I think that we would agree that EXCESSIVE consumption of any substance is gonna be bad for you, the western diet of animal products 3 times a day probably isn't something that should be promoted. The statistics on obesity and related health problems speak for themselves. Again, I am NOT promoting any type of behaviour, I don't eat meat or drink ethanol, but I do smoke a spliff sometimes. And while I'm chillin' to the sounds of the forest around my home, I'll sit back and celebrate the diversity that is the human race. Sorry to anyone who sees thatas a "tacky little failing.
briandamage, Sep 29 2002

       too many dots in my link. Ooops. Should be good now.
briandamage, Sep 29 2002

       Shit, you guys sure go overboard on overanalysing ideas! This is halfbakery.com....that is, a place to find *half-baked* ideas, or ideas that aren't all that great. In the comments i really see a disparity between the attitudes of the population in our two countries. (yes, there are others too)
cameron, Nov 01 2002

       Half-baked ideas and ideas that "aren't all that great" are not the same thing.
bookworm, Nov 01 2002

       THC especially collects in the mammory glands, and pigs have so many of them...
adrienne, Nov 10 2002

       Oh please, not pig milk.   

       Pigs' flavour is notoriously fast to change. Stressing a pig even moments before death can sour the flavour of the meat and fat.
yamahito, Nov 12 2002

       UnaBubba : // I believe the *Dumbest Idea Ever* has been deleted now. //   

       I thought only i could delete things from my own topics. I didn't delete it (AFAIK), as i believe in ideas, good or bad, standing up on their own, facing public scrutiny.   

       // I am bemused by the apparent need of newbies to post ideas promoting the use of cannabis on this site. What's the point? It's an illegal drug in almost every jurisdiction on Earth. //   

       Do you think that if something is illegal, is it necessarily bad? My country doesn't have a "war on drugs" backed by all those who make a buck on the "war". Get some perspective - not all the world is against it. If it should be illegal, why isn't tobacco, alcohol, and a ton of other crap illegal?   

       Also, are you trying to say that newbies, by definition, have nothing of merit to say? Does your finding this site before somebody else somehow make your ideas better than theirs? Please explain. I've been reading this site for about a year and a half now. Am i a newbie? Is somebody who has never posted here but has read it for years a newbie?   

       // Do they think that talking about their tacky, little failing will legitimise it?//   

       Well, it already is legitimate regardless of what you say. My country has its own grow operation (medical use) and announced it will be decriminalized within the next couple of months. Further, even where it is criminal - do you think that actually stops anybody who wants it from getting some? That sounds pretty stupid to me - making something illegal, but everybody can still get it easily, anytime, with no legal repercussions for having used it.   

       I, for one, am not intimidated by tired old rhetoric - explain why it is a) tacky, b) a failing. Then go on to explain why your opinion (without backing facts - with facts it would be less opinion and more fact) should be considered with greater weight than anybody else's.   

       I have no beef with you personally, but when i see propaganda and old rhetoric used to attempt to influence people instead of giving them facts so they can think it through for themselves and make their own decisions, i get annoyed. It doesn't matter if the topic is weed, war, hate crime legislation, child rearing, etc etc etc - i like people THINKING, not towing the party line.   

       My $0.03 (inflation).
cameron, Jan 18 2003

       //Why risk your health and take pork? Pork is bad for you //   

       "But porkchops taste goood, bacon tastes goood..." (Pulp Fiction)
cswiii, Jan 19 2003

       "...Stressing a pig even moments before death can sour the flavour of the meat and fat..."   

       Perhaps the pig should be receiving big nose hits just prior to slaughter?   

       For what it's worth [cameron] I look forward to your next idea with a hungry, and slightly dazed, gleam in my eye.
bristolz, Jan 19 2003

       Stoned pigs?   

DesertFox, May 10 2004




       Bacon Bhong
mailtosalonga, Jun 16 2004

       I'll vote for this... When pigs fly!
MikeOliver, Jun 16 2004

       [cameron] is this your annual vist to this idea?   

       By the way I would like to try a milkshake from one of those Russian heifers.
skinflaps, Sep 08 2005

       I have nothing to add to the cannabis debate that will change anybody's mind. Idea gets a [+], a damn sight less irresponsible than many other plans I've read here.
wagster, Sep 08 2005

       There was a mention in National Geographic many years ago about pigs in the Himalayas that eat wild marijuana. The article said that the rendered fat would give a mild buzz.
baconbrain, Sep 08 2005


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