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"Sculpted", Hard Boiled Eggs...
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Inspired by a thought that occured while reading [FarmerJohn]'s idea for the "Eggsploder".

Remove the shell from an unboiled egg leaving the egg membrane intact. Put the egg in boiling water, and using some sort of utensil, poke and prod the thing, guiding it into a shape of somekind while it boils up and hardens -- the same sort of thing you might do with Bonsai, but much, much faster.

... and as a bonus, it's certainly stranger.

Best served with a croissant.

(some credit goes to [ldischler] for suggesting a way to get the shell off and for the idea of putting it in a box to make it a cube while boiling it. Good stuff for sure.)

zigness, May 29 2004


       Yeah, I think you'd need some kind of mold or form.
phoenix, May 29 2004

       Bronzeggs could all be put in one basket.
FarmerJohn, May 30 2004

       //Bronzeggs could all be put in one basket.//   

       With these the eggs could BE the basket.   

       By the way, I don't have a clue whether you'd need a form or not... however, since this one is easy enough to try, and since I have tomorrow off...
zigness, May 30 2004

       [jutta], oops. thanks.
zigness, May 30 2004


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