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Bottle-shaped Granola Bar Dispenser

Granola device for cyclists
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To the untrained eye it looks just like a water bottle of the sort that cyclist use, but when you squeeze it, instead of squirting water, the lid flips open and a granola bar pokes out. After you’ve taken a bite, you stop squeezing and the remaining portion of the granola bar regresses back into the bottle and the lid closes.

Why? Because it’s hard to unwrap a conventional granola bar when you’re riding a bike. You could unwrap it before hand and stick it in your pocket, but then you’d end up with a pocketful of crumbs. And what if your cycling attire doesn’t have pockets?

The bottle-shaped dispenser fits in the standard water bottle holder that you probably already have on your bike. You can load it with a granola bar, candy bar, or energy bar (or a Popsicle on a very cold day). It protects your food from dirt and breakage, and it allows you to eat one-handed.

AO, Jan 13 2004


       For easier squeezing make it creamy. For the granola experience you can still include crunchy bits suspended in the matrix of goo. (A marketing expert may be able to express this in a little more appealing fashion, but I'm just a helpdesk technician).
kbecker, Jan 13 2004

       My conscience is stricken, so I must confess. This idea inspired my tomato pez-dispenser, because it got me thinking about a granola bar pez dispenser. Follow the train of thought? No? Ok. +
dijontoothpaste, Jan 26 2004


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