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Boxing treadmill

Treadmill with speedbag for simultaneous upper/lower body workouts
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Prizefighters or wannabe fighters, or people with a lot of aggression to work out: I suspect it might be a useful thing to add a speedbag (or even some sophisticated kind of "slam-man" electronic tally/target) to a treadmill. That way you could jog and punch at the same time. This is perhaps not as much fun as the Doom or Quake mods to treadmills I see in this section but the aerobic benefits are outstanding. Maybe you could add a video screen for "Rocky-The Boxing Treadmill Game" or something. For that matter, instead of a speedbag, I suppose you could go with a rubber chicken on a cable that the runner has to catch...
cloudface, Aug 26 2003

Kinda sorta kinda exercize gizmo http://store.yahoo....ness/abjabinbe.html
Ab Jab [cloudface, Nov 22 2004]


       How about a treadmill with a robotic arm that throws punches *at* you? You have to duck or fade the punches. Gives your midsection and obliques a good aerobic workout...

And it could have a rubber Carrot Top head for you to counter-punch.
DeathNinja, Aug 27 2003


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