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Breathalyzer remote start keyfob

No buttons needed
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There are several miniture battery operated keyfob sized breathalyzers on the market. I invision building a remote start keyfob for cars that actuates the start command with a breath of air. If said breath is over your states limit on BAC the car does not start, locks for an hour and alerts the user of the BAC reading.

This is supposed to be "easy". user friendly. Built to work with aftermarket remote start systems and factory setups. The unit replaces your keys and other keyfobs. The purpose would be to have it on you instead of your keys when out drinking. Ready to go and think you okay to drive? go ahead, start your car.

evilpenguin, Aug 25 2010


       got a bone and no reason. lame
evilpenguin, Aug 25 2010

       Seems like an OK idea to me. I've heard of similar ideas (and no, I can't cite a specific example), but not as an aftermarket key thingy like this. Have a tentative alcohol-free bun.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 25 2010


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