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Bubble Wrap Long Johns

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The cinema.

Take a seat.

| look to the left and then to the right and induldge within the sound of jaw crunching pork scratchings and popcorn.

Not being one for popcorn or for scratchings,I join in via a vigorous movement of the buttocks and knee slaps and popping mid show time.

(various bubbles may contain the essence of windy pop rhubarb.)

skinflaps, Apr 07 2013


       buttucks? "buttucks"? Actually, I think I prefer that spelling to the conventional one.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2013

       //windy pop rhubarb// [+]
calum, Apr 08 2013

       //buttucks? "buttucks"//   

       Whoops missed that one - fixed.
skinflaps, Apr 08 2013

       So strange, skinny.
blissmiss, Apr 08 2013

       [+] want!
xandram, Apr 08 2013

       reminds me of a cinema buttock massaging service!
po, Apr 08 2013

       That was Dr. Bob.
blissmiss, Apr 08 2013

       [flappy]! Hello, mate! {> POP <}
Dub, Apr 13 2013


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