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Build a snack

Edible erector set
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Build something tasty with the new edible erector set. Construct to your hearts content with slightly different versions of your favorite party mix.

Cracker gears - a few different sizes, heck bite off the teeth you don't want.

Pretzel rods - great for the structure or for the shaft of your gears and wheels

Pretzel wheels - unsalted pretzel wheels for locomotion.

Cheese puff spheres - add pretzel rods to it them and add stability to your structures or use them to help make models of molecules.

Pretzel tackle blocks - add your own string

Hard tack planks - in plain or garlic

Thin crisps - for your pinwheels and sails

Now you have the ingredients for a dynamic structure that's sure to move on its own. Great as an eclectic cake topper.

sartep, Apr 16 2006

Don't forget the candy blocks ... http://www.candyfav...ilding+Blocks+Candy
Manufactured by Concord Confections. [Letsbuildafort, Apr 16 2006]

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       there must be something in the ether.... I woke up this morning and the idea for coins that are cogs was forming as a result of taking an old watch apart. I did a search of Bakery - found some other coin ideas, but not mine - so I wrote it up and posted it. Then, did a check to see what else was new and saw this - parallel thoughts (sort of) - Anyone else had this experience? Spooky. Admin can probably check and verify that I am telling truth. In any case have a bun for your idea +
xenzag, Apr 16 2006

       I LOVE the idea of building a working replica of a motorcycle transmission. OOOOH, big #1 fixed countershaft gear-shaped bun for you!
Letsbuildafort, Apr 16 2006

       There is no way I could resist playing with my food.   

       What about the cheese string springs?   

       Have a (semi-autonomous) bun.
dbmag9, Apr 17 2006

       [xenzag] That 'parellel thought' thing has happened to me more than once, even more than twice. I think half-minds think alike.   

       and a croissant shaped roof for sartep's dynamic structure.((+))
xandram, Apr 17 2006

       Margarine grease anyone? +
S1, Apr 19 2006


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