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bacon mold

for stuffed bacon horns
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A ceramic pan with four-inch conical "fingers" on the bottom. Wrap a piece of bacon around each finger and bake the bacon. The result is bunch of little bacon horns that can be stuffed with croutons and mayo and tomato. The pan can be flipped over and the bacon horns can be inserted and filled with quiche or a couple of quail eggs and baked further.
nomocrow, Feb 09 2010

bacones or bacon cones http://www.amazon.c...P/ref=pd_rhf_shvl_1
While not ceramic, these are what I have seen others use to make "bacones". [jurist, Feb 09 2010]

How to Get Real Men To Eat Quiche http://www.baconcamp.org/Bacone
Another approach to Bacone making. [jurist, Feb 09 2010]


       I prefer not to eat bacon which has mold on it.
jurist, Feb 09 2010

       Actually, while your bacon horns sound cute, until that mold is commercially available I have frequently used muffin tins (miniature and standard) in which to bake regular or Canadian bacon pieces, which can then be filled with eggs or your choice of toppings.
jurist, Feb 09 2010


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