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C.D. Warmer

For use in very cold locales
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I have no knowledge of why this may be, but every morning when I get in my car and try to put a C.D. in the player, the player keeps ejecting the disc until it's (the disc) warmed up. I briskly rub the back of the disc with a cloth for a few seconds, and the player takes it, no problem. Can anybody tell me why this is?

Anyway, back to the idea.

The idea is for a C.D. case with D-Cell battery-powered heating elements inside (the heating elements are covered so they don't come into direct contact with any of your discs). You set a timer on it, say the time you have your alarm set to wake up in the morning, and the heating elements begin warming up over the course of, say, 15 minutes to a safe temp so by the time you're ready to leave, the C.D.'s are pre-warmed and ready to go.

21 Quest, Dec 07 2006


       [+] I've had that happen too, CD players can be frustrating. I guess one advantage of those new ipod car connectors is that mp3 players don't suffer as badly from cold weather .
acurafan07, Dec 07 2006

       Couldn't you just either put in the CD you wanted to listen to the day before, or else have the CDs inside your house?
tastycat, Dec 07 2006

       That makes sense. Thanks, Brau. I hadn't thought of the moisture factor.

       If I leave it in my house, I have a bad tendency to forget and I'd drive off without the CD's, then I'd remember and regret it about 4 minutes down the road.
21 Quest, Dec 08 2006

       Or the CD player could have a separate drying module where the CD suns itself before progressing to the playing module.
phundug, Dec 08 2006

       CDs ? How old fashioned, how cumbersome. Especially in a car!

       Get a portable bluetooth music player and a bluetooth-enabled car stereo. Or if you can't afford that kind of equipment, get a 2GB memory stick/mp3 player and a portable FM transmitter. You can pick up those two devices on ebay for less than $40, including postage. And gone are the days when you need to lug CDs into your car, only to lose them or scratch them when there is no space left in the glove compartment.
kinemojo, Dec 08 2006


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