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Cable TV Tuner/Modem

Combine two devices
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I don't own a TV, but I subscribe to cable internet. I would like to combine a TV tuner (a device that streams broadcast and cable TV to your computer) and a cable modem, so I can get high-speed internet and cable TV with the same device.
-----, May 16 2005

I love Mini-itx systems. http://www.mini-itx.com/news/16555551/
Build something similar to this with your cable modem inside the box and add a DVB / analogue TV card. [Jinbish, May 17 2005]

"Can a cable modem be used to receive digital TV for viewing on a PC?" http://www.cable-mo...php?one_question=48
A discussion of the concept. [waugsqueke, May 18 2005]

Where to stab a VIA EPIA M10000 with a screwdriver http://tindale.dyn....bd/crestdamage.html
...if you want to knacker the monitor output capability. [Ian Tindale, May 19 2005]


       Hmm... this idea is probably 5-10 years ahead of its time. I vote yes.
justaguy, May 16 2005

       This is sort-of odd. I have a PCI card for TV and a NIC pulling in DSL. Am I missing something on this idea?
contracts, May 16 2005

       The modem I use plugs into the TV cable, not the phone line, like DSL. I want to combine the tuner with the modem, so I can get both video and data with the same device.
-----, May 16 2005

       I don't think I'd use something like this, as I prefer to have my cablemodem on the other side of a router/firewall, but that doesn't mean it's a bad idea. [+]
Freefall, May 16 2005

       I don't get this idea at all. Beer/bear/bare with me will you?   

       At the front of our house the tv cable enters through a little hole in the wall. Inside the signal is split threeways: tv/radio/internet. I have a tv, but if I didn't I could buy a thingy(is videocard the right english word?) to put in my computer and then I could watch tv on my monitor. So is that what your idea is?
zeno, May 17 2005

       If you've got a little bit (!) of spare cash then why don't you make one yourself?
Now you say in your idea that you want to use the same device - you don't explicitly say you want the content down the same cable...
(I know strictly speaking this isn't 'the same device' - it is a collection of devices in a single box, but hey no-one else will know!)
Jinbish, May 17 2005

       At most, this saves you a signal splitter. Bah. [-]
contracts, May 17 2005

       It also saves having to use two separate devices.
waugsqueke, May 18 2005

       Yeah, [waugs], but it is baked, right?
zeno, May 18 2005

       Jinbish, - I've accidentally knackered my M10000 EPIA. I took the fan off as it had become noisy, and wrecked it accidentally in removing the blade bit, and then discovered that the screwdriver stabbing of the mainboard* during the process has rendered the board incapable of putting any video imagery out to the monitor port (still works through the RCA to the TV but my X11 isn't configged for TV) (and still gives me a syncable frame to the monitor - just no video image). Oh well. It's all just sitting there running open- board on the bench now, ssh-ing in from this iBook to run the X11 apps in OS X.   

       * this isn't normal procedure - it's just that I wasn't looking as I was unscrewing the fan from the heatsink, and the screw suddenly flopped over 90 degrees and the screwdriver slid onto the board - not forcefully either, but obviously with damaging consequences.
Ian Tindale, May 19 2005

       Sorry to go on about this, but in the UK this would make it impossible to use a cable modem without a TV licence.
nineteenthly, May 19 2005

       Man alive, [Ian's T]. I feel your pain. I've spent the best part of the last 6 months trying to get a EPIA based project to dance to my tune and have been thwarted at every turn. If it's not linux drivers, it's insufficient power supply. If it's not the power supply, it's the TV card that doesn't fit in the brackets without the aid of blue-tac. If it isn't any of them then it's the sudden impact of a sledgehammer accompannied by some kind of beastial rage...
Jinbish, May 19 2005

       Captain Slog, stardate, morning - 2.5 cups of tea. Well, I've been looking closely all over the area likely to have sustained damage, and I've just figured out where the damage actually is. It's a surface-mount chip-resistor - seems to have been smashed open-circuit in the middle of the resistor. I just verified the theory by powering up the EPIA board and shorting across that chip-resistor's solder contacts with a small screwdriver (thus shorting it entirely). Briefly, during correct contact, the familiar image of the booting up of Linux flashed onto the monitor (extremely brightly, which is handy as that monitor has a problem in that it can't achieve anywhere near a usable brightness normally). So, that's the problem found. Now all I have to do is fix it. I've never repaired SMDs before (plus I don't know what the original value of R74 on a VIA EPIA M10000 board would've been).
Ian Tindale, May 29 2005

       Stick a 100K across it and see what happens; if it's too bright, try 270K, if it's too dim, try 47K.
angel, May 29 2005


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