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Calendar-based white balance

Suitable for the British market.
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Digital camera owners who don't always shoot raw will be well aware of the problem of forgetting to set the correct white balance for the prevailing conditions. For the British market, this is easy - the camera's in-built clock will set the balance to "heavily overcast" for the whole year, except the first week in June, when it will be merely "cloudy".
[mfe] Rant.
coprocephalous, Aug 19 2005

View Master http://www.fotomuse...by.nu/q-rodbetr.jpg
Use one of these with slides of sunny days. [skinflaps, Aug 19 2005]


       A manual override could take the form of a dial, which depicts how rainy it is right now.
Ian Tindale, Aug 19 2005

       It would go from (1) drizzle to (10) torrential.
wagster, Aug 19 2005

       Perhaps there should be a Scottish version, where the computer switches between "glorious sunshine" and "monsoon season" every seven and a half seconds or so.
calum, Aug 19 2005

       really good idea. Heres a croissant
fishboner, Apr 26 2009

       It could also use a gps and download white balance+calculation calculation strategies for the location :D
kamathln, Sep 20 2010

       [Calum], so its easy in Scotland to take an HDR.. you just have to take 3 pictures at about 4 seconds interval ?
kamathln, Sep 20 2010

       No, just one picture - the weather will change dramatically several times while the shutter is open.
hippo, Sep 20 2010

       Ah, [kamathln], it's neither an equal distribution in time interval nor balance. It's skewed towards 'drab, dour, and dreich'. We'll need some kind of channel estimation... Perhaps a mini weather station on the camera?
Jinbish, Sep 20 2010

       Each pixel could independently expose until it reaches 18% grey exposure, then stop while others carry on until they too reach 18% grey value.
Ian Tindale, Sep 20 2010

       Baked. BBC3.
8th of 7, Sep 20 2010


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