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Category Idea Counter

Display number of ideas in each categories...
  (+5, -4)
(+5, -4)
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...and put the number of ideas in parentheses.

For example, under the "product" menu, there is a a category for product: tool: wrench. Currently, there are five ideas there, so the bakery would display a small (5) in the product menu.

If this was done, I would keep the number at size 8 font or so to prevent clutter.

Cuit_au_Four, Nov 29 2005

Here you go http://www.halfbake...as_20per_20category
This should work fine. It can be done with a little manipulation of the overview page. [hidden truths, Nov 29 2005]


angel, Nov 29 2005

       Big moderation job to be done ... too many ideas in some categories. Tsk.
jonthegeologist, Nov 29 2005

       Once this is implemented, we'll all wonder how we lived without it for so long.
Ian Tindale, Nov 29 2005


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