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Cell Phone Gun

A Gun You Can Use on the Highway
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Basically, my idea is to create a hand held cell phone disruptor to turn off those a-holes on the highway who think that weaving is perfectly acceptable so long as you're having a good conversation.

This could be built into future cars (and into my motorcycle) to create a cone of disruption in front of me as I move through traffic.

While I do know its illegal to jam cell phones in a static location such as a church or movie theatre, I have no idea how illegal it is to do from a moving platform.

The other way to interpret the name of the idea is a gun shaped like a cell phone so that when the idiots try to dial their fat ugly wives, they blow their own heads off instead. Maybe that would be a more effective solution?

fenriq, Sep 10 2001

Eeeeuu! http://www.theregis...ntent/28/16903.html
Another a-hole on a cellphone. [pathetic, Sep 10 2001]

Literally a "Cell Phone Gun" http://www.snopes2....outrage/cellgun.htm
As in one that shoots bullets. [mrkillboy, Sep 10 2001]

Shot Caller http://www.birdman....oducts/shotcall.htm
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GPS signal re-radiation antennas http://www.navtechg...om/supply/rerad.asp
Systems for indoor GPS use. [bristolz, Mar 24 2002]


lewisgirl, Sep 10 2001

       I'm so sick of people criticizing ideas because they may break some law.   

       WHO CARES? There are literally millions of things that are illegal to do but aren't really wrong, unethical or immoral.
seal10, Sep 10 2001

       To a certain extent, I care.   

       Simple, witty, practical ideas that are lawful are much harder to come up with than illegal ones which are usually WIBNIs and are, for the most part, broad, overzealous measures directed toward pet peeves and minor grievances...like this idea (which I would argue is actually a rant in disguise.)   

       [1] This idea is rooted in a pet peeve whose resolution is based on assumptions that aren't easy to confirm.
[2]The possbility for misuse of the apparatus far outweigh the pro's of its existence.
There. Two reasons against this idea that make no mention of its legality.
iuvare, Sep 11 2001

       Fenriq: Get a grip! Everyone knows that the proper way to deal with a-holes on cellphones is to wip out your mega-phone (you know, the one that cranks 1,000 dB) and say, as loudly as possible: "Excuse me sir. You up ahead on the cell-phone... Would you happen to have any Grey Puopon?" That will thoroughly embarrass that poor soul into submission to your will.
pathetic, Sep 11 2001

       How about this? Law could demand that all cell phones be equipped to constantly receive Global Positioning signals, and if they compute that they're moving in excess of 30 mph while transmitting a conversation, they explode. Legal, technologically feasible. All we need is to get people to put themselves at risk willingly. Hire those cigarette PR people. Done.
bobicus, Sep 11 2001

       [insert standard "GPS doesn't work indoors" reminder.]
jutta, Sep 20 2001

       I've already been operating a 12VDC powered cellular jamming system in my truck for over a year. It is simple to make (just a PA driver and some circuitry to generate a null signal). With a 10W amp, it saturates the entire 800 MHz and 1.9 GHz cellular bands with an active carrier, making it impossible for other phones to reach the cell towers. It's about the size of a phone handset. My coworker and I found the range to vary from 80 yards to 110 yards. I am presently dumping the signal out of my own cellular phone antenna, though I have considered using a rotatable omnidirectional antenna to target particular vehicles, but this would be quite conspicuous. Yes, it's illegal, but how many cops are searching cars for cell phone jammers?
phazed, Mar 24 2002

       I think this idea has hung around here entirely too long without anyone yet making use of the phrase "shooting his mouth off."
beauxeault, Mar 25 2002

       phazed: So it's YOU who has been cutting off my calls
thumbwax, Mar 25 2002

       They should have a rantbakery so that no idea would ever get m_f_d'ed for rant or WIBNI.
Amishman35, Jun 17 2002

       They do. It's called 'Your own website'. You can be as stupid and incoherent there as you like.
StarChaser, Jun 17 2002

       Back to the topic: under the first interpretation given, it would be problematic if someone were to ILLEGALLY take this device and use it during the commission of a crime, thus rendering the victim(s) (and maybe even nearby witnesses) unable to use their cell phones to call for help.   

       Under the second interpretation, well, need I say more?
polartomato, Jun 17 2002

       It's illegal whatever you're using it for. You probably don't have a license to transmit on those bands, and interfering with other people's things is illegal too.
StarChaser, Jun 17 2002

       *sigh* yet another rant about how people are always talking on mobile phones so much when they drive.
OK so I can't drive and I don't own a mobile, but get over it some people obviously have things that just can't be delayed till the end of their <sarcasm> ever so important trips<sarcasm>
kaz, Jun 17 2002


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