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Central Mouse Trap

The better mouse trap.
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This idea works on the same principle as a home's central vacuum system, but instead of being a means of removing dirt, it removes mice.

The main unit is installed in an appropriate utility area. Traps are installed in various rooms of the house. Tubes are installed inside of the walls, and connect the traps to the main unit.

Each trap has a front door made of wire mesh; when the trap is triggered, this closes. Each trap has an airtight rear door; when the trap is triggered, this opens.

Triggering the trap also sends a signal to the central unit, which sucks the mouse out of the trap, through the tubes, and into a container in the central unit.

To make this device humane, it is obviously necessary for the mouse to be dead before it's sucked away. This could be accomplished mechanically or electrically. I expect that the electrical solution would be easier to clean, with less maintenance.

Ideally, the only maintenance needed would be to rebait the traps when an infestation is suspected, and to empty the central unit regularly, and occasionally clean the traps.

I expect that an apartment building is the kind of place which would benefit from this sort of thing the most.

goldbb, Feb 14 2017


       //To make this device humane...//
I would have thought the humane way would be to NOT kill the mouse...
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 14 2017

       Mice < rats < kittens < cats < dogs < babies.   

       You will have to size the thing carefully or you may be surprised by what it catches.
popbottle, Feb 14 2017

       [+] It could be even more centralized though. Have those tubes lead to some unresistable mouse treat. That way you can get rid of vacuum and have one main trap in the center. Or make the vaccum part of the trapping mechanism. Mouse gets in and the moment it steps in, vacuum is turned on and whoosh... it goes flying into the central trapping chamber.   

       Something tells me that mice are smarter than that.
ixnaum, Feb 16 2017

       // kittens < cats //   

       <evil chuckling>   

       Gonna need bigger pipes …   

8th of 7, Feb 16 2017

       I am totally opposed to all animal killing so it has to be a thumbs down for me. [-]
xenzag, Feb 16 2017

       // totally opposed to all animal killing //   

       So, you want every carnivorous species on your planet to starve to death ?
8th of 7, Feb 16 2017

       No - only the human carnivores. Let them eat each other if they crave meat.
xenzag, Feb 16 2017

       What about chimpanzees ? They are, genetically, only 1.2%* different from humans ...   

       Ant they're omnivorous.   

       * although in the case of some "humans", they might not have the full 1.2% ... you know who we mean.
8th of 7, Feb 16 2017

       Perhaps a pied Piper's flute could be piped through?
RayfordSteele, Feb 21 2017


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