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Check for alien life

Reach out with music.
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A spacecraft with solar arrays and a large battery is landed on comets of long orbital duration. When the comets are at apogee the spacecraft will broadcast vile thrash music on various frequencies to the extent of the battery. Upon return to our orbit the solar array will once again charge the battery and transmission will again commence. Scientists will check to see if the system is working, if the playlist is the same or has been reprogrammed, and whether the entire contraption has been removed and replaced with something else.
whatrock, Oct 13 2018


       One slight problem: comets don’t leave the Solar System.
DrCurry, Oct 13 2018

       //at apogee   

       If they flub the course, do they release a apogee apology?
not_morrison_rm, Oct 13 2018

       / One slight problem: comets don’t leave the Solar System /   

       Fixed, thanks.
whatrock, Oct 13 2018


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