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MMMmmmmmm.... Cheese!
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I, for one, love cheese.

I love lots of cheese. Some days, I cant get enough cheese. This is one of those days.

I proudly present, to all you cheese lovers, Cheeseworld.

Everything has to do with cheese. The vendors sell all sorts of cheese, you cn buy cheeseworld T-Shirts and cups, even those foam cheese hats.

And this place is not without its attractions, either. There are many rides, such as the Swiss Cheese Slides, the Cheesegrater, the Great Wall of Cheese-a, and many more. You can play Cheese-Ball (like paintball, but edible). Explore the Giant Refridgerator; if you bring back the Golen Cheese, you get a prize!

Special Lactose-Intolerant passes will be given to the people with that particular problem, and will be served special, tastes-like-real-cheese cheese with no lactose, of given medication to allow them to digest the aforementioned lactose.

The bathrooms have Limburger (de)oderant in them, too!

DesertFox, Oct 07 2005

Tillamook Cheese Factory http://www.tillamookcheese.com/
Not all the games, but a lotta lotta cheese. [DukTape, Oct 07 2005]

Buy Langres here http://www.teddingt...ench_H_to_Z_38.html
You won't regret it! [wagster, Oct 07 2005]

Wisconsin is one big cheese themepark http://www.wisconli...actions/cheese.html
[dentworth, Oct 07 2005]


       I too love cheese. However this idea seems slightly like the ramblings of a drunk person. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I quite like the sound of Golen Cheese myself. Where can I find it and what kind of prize can I get from it?
hidden truths, Oct 07 2005

       I added you a cheesy link. They don't have all the games you mention, but they sure oughta.
DukTape, Oct 07 2005

       Cheeseland or Cheeseworld? C'mon, if you can't keep the brand identity consistent...
Ian Tindale, Oct 07 2005

       Yes, we know that they look like little waxed Edams, but patrons are kindly requested not to eat the red blocks in the urinals.
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 07 2005

       I think I would rather travel to EuroCheeseWorld and suffer the inclement weather, than visit any sunshiny CheeseWorld in the US. But maybe that's blind prejudice on my part.
calum, Oct 07 2005

       I had a random thought in my head just now: "Is it possible to make human cheese?" I googled 'human milk cheese' to find out. The first two resulting links were from the halfbakery. We are sick people. :)
Adze, Oct 07 2005

       The votes are at odds with the warm (ish) reception. I shall address this. By the by, the finest cheese I have yet tasted is called Langres, see if you can find it and try it out.   

       EDIT I have added a link to the excellent Teddington Cheese Online, from whom you may purchase not only Langres but also many other fine european cheeses. But not Venezuelan beaver cheese.
wagster, Oct 07 2005

       No mention of a moon amusement then? On the other hand, there is now.
skinflaps, Oct 07 2005

       this is a good one DF +
dentworth, Oct 07 2005

       I'm looking forward to visiting CheeseTown International Village where each cheese-producing country has constructed a pavillion featuring their most famous cheeses.   

       Then I wanna ride the Cheesinator. I've heard it's much more fun than the Cheddar Shredder, with its Mild, Medium, and Aged settings.   

       Do they still serve all-you-can-eat Grilled Cheese Sandwiches at Cheesy McCheese's?
Canuck, Oct 07 2005


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