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Cigarette-mimicking Timer

A timer mimicks cigarette burning to time a virtual "smoke break"
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For Non-smokers who envy the smokers' innumerable "smoke breaks" at work: a timer shaped as a cigarette can be started by pressing a button. It mimicks the advance of the fire towards the butt, and beeps when the cigarette would be finished: Time to go back to the office. (A "virtual smoke break" site exists, but who wants to bring the PC outside? Perhaps a cellular adaptation can help...)
Zetov, Oct 27 2005


       Is this a "cough" rant "cough" regarding smokers?"cough" since when did smokers"cough" have special privileges?"cough" Just take a break "cough"
skinflaps, Oct 27 2005

       "When that cigarette burns out, your time is up"
calum, Oct 27 2005


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