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Cloud Shape-Predictor

A device that recognizes cloud shapes. And, furthermore, based on multiple readings can predict what the cloud will look like in the future.
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First things first. The how. And the what. This device would be comprised of many cloud imaging nodes spaced out across the area you live in. They would have cameras and run the images against a database of tens of thousands of outline shapes. Each camera would record cloud images, seperating individual clouds on order of visual contrast, and would also record approximate size. Based on multiple pictures of the same cloud the clouds past and future history is approximated and displayed. Uses: You can use it to gauge weather factors such as airspeed and cloud stability(?). You can also, in theory, find specific clouds wherever they go. Furthermore, for recreational purposes you can accurately guess cloud shapes. No more, "look there's a dragon" and by the time the person looks it is more reminiscent of an octopus. You can just say 'look there's an octopus in about three seconds' and be totally on the money.
Alizayi, Mar 01 2012


       [+] "Chance of rain"
FlyingToaster, Mar 01 2012

       Precipitously devine.   

       "That cloud looks like it's going to have paragraph breaks".
normzone, Mar 01 2012


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