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Computer Games Theme Park

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I’m thinking -

Theme rides (both indoors and outdoors) based on classic or popular series/titles like Diablo, Civilization or Heroes of Might and Magic (with proper sound effects). Rides based on platform games or old classics like Marble Madness. Actual mazes built according to a Quake level (and mock death-matches using water guns). Stall games where you get to act out favourite parts of the games. Cybercafes galore. Game characters in costume (rent and wear one yourself). Stage performances with audience participation based on scenes from an RPG. Street Fighter moves demonstrated by real martial artists. Gift shops with memorabilia, soft toys, games and an entire literature of computer-game-related books, cartoons, satires, manuals, magazines, biographies, etc. Tie-in theme restaurants. Old games trading fair. AD&D clubs. Card-trading corners.

How's that, Disney?

baboo, May 07 2002

Supermarket Tetris http://www.halfbake...upermarket_20Tetris
The Fish strikes once again. [waugsqueke, May 07 2002]


       I hate this idea as a whole. But I'm intrigued by the thought of a large-scale horizontal Tetris-style conveyor belt game where players sit inside the pieces and move them with left-right and spin controls as the belt brings them to the 'bottom' of the puzzle. Acknowledgement to Mickey for the thought (see link).
waugsqueke, May 07 2002

       I'd suggest basing one on the old game "Theme Park" - but that would just get me dizzy.
Seaneeboy, Jan 30 2003

       E3 is almost what you explained! But seriously, if I attended this place, I would dress up in a cloak and lurk in shadows blackjacking unsuspecting passers by (especially humming or whistling ones!)!
RoboBust, Jan 30 2003


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