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monument to consumerism
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ContainerHenge is a faithful replica of Stonehenge, rebuilt using shipping containers. I'm actually quite surprised that it's not been created yet. Perhaps it has, and I couldn't find.

ContainerHenge requires a very large field in order to accommodate its scaled up proportions. If someone feels like providing a set of containers; a couple of cranes; a JCB; a large enough space, and a crew of workers to facilitate its general construction, please get in contact with me. Ha

xenzag, May 11 2013

Stonehenge http://www.english-...perties/stonehenge/
[xenzag, May 11 2013]

(?) Cargohenge http://www.utopiasprings.com/cargohen.htm
[Alterother, May 11 2013]

(?) Baked http://www.orfhc.or.../Wagon%20Circle.jpg
by the Mormons [pashute, May 12 2013]

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       Is the idea that each stone of the original henge is represented by a container, or that each stone is represented by an assemblage of containers, Legoesquely?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 11 2013

       One 40ft container per stone.
xenzag, May 11 2013

       Will the containers be filled with a creepy and baffling selection of objects, ala "Rama"?
DIYMatt, May 12 2013

       I was thinking that they could be filled with toy sized versions of The Stonehenge site, as made out of shipping containers.
xenzag, May 12 2013

       Ooh, I like it. Very meta.
Alterother, May 12 2013

       Fill the containers with gallium or a eutectic alloy to see if, and how much more global warming occurs (grammar de- optimized to serve all viewpoints) Its a millennial thermometer!
beanangel, Sep 24 2017


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