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Crockpot in a Refrigerator

Crockpot Embeded in a Refrigerator Somehow
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I like to rice or beans or whatever in a Crockpot. But the thing sits on the counter for about a week, and the mold starts and the smells start. I never seem to finish it all before it starts to rot.

So It would be nice if there was pit in the top of my refrigerator where I could leave the thing most days to cool and calm and not putrefy.

I don't mind a little danger as far food goes, but...

( Maybe if the pot wasn't so big I could put the whole thing in the frig without spilling it or smashing a toe. )

popbottle, Jan 26 2016

I had a go at solving this Peltier_20Crock_20Pot
[bs0u0155, Jan 26 2016]

Perpetual Stew https://en.wikipedi...wiki/Perpetual_stew
[LimpNotes, Jan 26 2016]


       There’s this thing they invented, where you take the stuff out of the slow cooker once it’s cooled down, and put it in different container that has a clip seal lid and then emplace that inside the fridge. Amazing technique, really. Who’d have thought.
Ian Tindale, Jan 26 2016

       Really ? I'll have look into it. Do you think Wall-mart might stock something so exotic ?
popbottle, Jan 26 2016

       Get a bigger fridge.
skinflaps, Jan 26 2016

       Or just leave the crockpot running all the time - should keep everything at bay except thermophiles. You could keep adding stuff to it to keep it going.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 26 2016

       Would keeping the crockpot running all the time drive selective evolution of thermophiles?
hippo, Jan 26 2016

       [bs0]'s solution is what hit me as well. Refrigerator in a Crockpot.
RayfordSteele, Jan 26 2016

       Skinny, how the hell are you? Oh and you are right about the bigger fridge perspective.
blissmiss, Jan 26 2016

       I'm going to link that [Maxwell] just because I was interested in it once, but never got around to trying it.
LimpNotes, Jan 26 2016


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