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Crossed Fingers Intention Ring

A ring that has selections to indicate the intention of the wearer's crossed fingers
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The single act of crossing of one's fingers can have two opposite intentions; hoping for their statement to come true or negating their statement or promise to false.

The Crossed Fingers Intention Ring keeps the wearer from having the wrong intention for their crossed fingers used for their statement. The ring would have a small toggle switch or turnable dial in the place of a the usual gem with two sides Hoping(green)and Lying(red)

HiHowRU, Jul 08 2007

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       I quite like the idea of a ring that entwines two fingers and keeps them crossed.
po, Jul 08 2007

       Is this anything like a crossed legs ankle bracelet?
nuclear hobo, Jul 08 2007

       I thought maybe this would be like an engagement ring, but less certain.
bungston, Jul 08 2007


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