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Dewey Light

To aid in finding your book faster
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The dewey decimal system works very well for finding sections of books but it needs a bit of help for those individual books. Sections aren't all the same size and neither are the libraries so sections will tend to wrap around corners and other rows.

However, if there were three lights per shelf section and each light had a particular RF tag AND the computer stored the book numbers based on their location to the light then finding a book would be as simple as looking for the row and then looking for the light.

The timer for how long the light stays on could be determined by the size of the library. This feature is for people who tell the computer that they are looking for the book but never actually look for it.

OR, for those who want to look for a book without the time limit or need to check out books from many parts of the library can have this modified system.

By the computer where you do your search you can scan in your library card. The computer then stores that you are currently doing a search. Then you can swipe your card by the row where the book is and the light will go on. The light will stay on for a minute.

From the computer you can then save or delete searches, that way you can go back to the books and reference them for years.

sartep, Aug 06 2003

Dewey http://www.oclc.org/dewey/default.htm
Most widely used library classification system in the world. [salachair, May 27 2005]


       How about a scraping sound, such as that made by a maniac killer with a hook for a hand as he scrapes it on the side of the car while you and your honey are making out inside of it in a dark forest.
DeathNinja, Aug 06 2003

       No, the librarian should hand you a wrist strap attached to a bungee cord under extreme tension. The other end is attached to the shelf in question.
FloridaManatee, Aug 06 2003

       This could simultaneously be an electricity conservation tool for libraries, by ONLY turning on the lights that are near books people are searching for. Of course for that to work, everyone would have to start their search at a catalog terminal. If you knew the stacks well and went looking on your own you'd need to carry a flashlight.
krelnik, Aug 07 2003

       Come to think of it, in the US wouldn't this be the "LC Light"? Do any libraries still use the Dewey system anymore here?
krelnik, Aug 07 2003

       How about putting a passive ID chip in every book, and then take a programmed receiver with you. As you approach the right stack/book the receiver will beep, getting louder.   

       Chip would also provide inventory control.
TitaniumZ, Aug 07 2003

       Very good idea fog, or proximity sensors so when you move the book the light goes off.
sartep, Aug 08 2003

       //Do any libraries still use the Dewey system anymore here?// Err..... yes. See linky.
salachair, May 27 2005


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