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Diagonal Crossing Button

Either one's fine.
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For people who need to cross a 4-way intersection on foot from one corner to the other. Currently, most crosswalk buttons are set up so that you press a button to indicate which *one* street you wish to cross. If you know you need to get to the other diagonal corner, and don't much care if you go across-then-up or up-then-across, you have two choices: press both buttons (possibly causing unnecessary traffic stoppage on the one you didn't use), or make a guess as to which one is next in the cycle and press that one (possibly being delayed for a whole traffic light cycle if you get it wrong).

The Diagonal Crossing Button will give you a green light on the *next available* crosswalk, and then nothing else. When you've crossed that one you can press what's now the one correct button on the other side.

Also handy when running away from a violent criminal with a knife, assuming he has sprained his ankle and/or is chivalrous enough not to stab you while you're waiting for the crosswalk light.

gisho, Feb 02 2010

" Also handy when running away from a violent criminal with a knife, assuming he has sprained his ankle and/or is chivalrous enough not to stab you while you're waiting for the crosswalk light. " http://www.opticspl...led-flashlight.html
Just because I care...I am in no way affiliated with the people that make or sell this extremely cool unbelievably bright flashlight that will temporarily blind your criminal - I bought one, then my second just now [normzone, Feb 02 2010]

Leicester Square / Long Acre http://www.flickr.c...tindale/2500796564/
This is what it used to be like, where it was impossible to cross diagonally. [Ian Tindale, Feb 03 2010]

Then, in the 1870’s, http://www.flickr.c...tindale/4080598823/
they dug it all up. [Ian Tindale, Feb 03 2010]

Now, you can http://www.flickr.c...tindale/4271522963/
cut straight across, as well as use the crossings all the way round the sides [Ian Tindale, Feb 03 2010]

They tried. http://weburbanist....amble-intersection/
But did they speak to the cars? [4and20, Jan 29 2017]


       I was gonna say 'baked', 'cuz we got a diagonal-crossing intersection here... but I'm not sure if what you mean makes any sense.
FlyingToaster, Feb 02 2010

       I've wished for something like that, if only to not be stared at by people who watch me press both directions together, who, I imagine, must think me either rude or directionless.
jutta, Feb 02 2010

       They had diagonal crossing in San Bernadino when I was a kid - I don't recall how the lights were configured, but it was fun to watch the flow.
normzone, Feb 02 2010

       <sigh> I still don't get it: when you walk up to the 4-way, one or the other directions are already a go, no ? so ...
FlyingToaster, Feb 02 2010

       FlyingToaster, out here, often, none of the directions is a "go" for pedestrians - it's all cars one way, no pedestrians, the first participant to express a desire to cross gets their wish sooner than they otherwise would.   

       (And then there are other intersections where all the pedestrians can "go" and none of the cars; which many of the pedestrians use as an excuse to cross diagonally, if that's where they're going. At first, I thought that's what this post would be about.)
jutta, Feb 02 2010

       I'm not sure what problem this solves. There are plenty of intersections where the crosswalk light stops all traffic and you can cross in any conceivable fashion, including diagonally through the center of the intersection.
tatterdemalion, Feb 02 2010

       Leicester Square, the junction to Long Acre, spent most of the latter part of last year being dug up and now has a completely different crossing arrangement, including straight across rather than having to skirt all the way round.
Ian Tindale, Feb 03 2010

       Usually you can anticipate which crosswalk will go green next; just press that button.
xaviergisz, Feb 03 2010

       I just had this idea, only to find it half-baked in the wind, perhaps the same wind that took Gisho to meet the wonderful wizard who will make it happen one day.   

       The idea gisho and I have is in fact different and better than the <link>.
4and20, Jan 29 2017


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