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Dice Justice

Based on probability theory
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TLDR: If you're black in the USA, & arrested for minor drug offenses, the cop rolls one dice & lets you go if it's not a 6.

------------full idea---------

In the USA, we have a problem.

(If you're going to argue with me, I bet you'll start with the "a" in the previous sentence, and I concede.)

Of course, "nobody's racist anymore", but yet we are locking up black people for drug violations at 5-10x the rate we lock up white people for the very same violations.

So, as long as we can't point to specific overt racist acts, and as long as we have that huge disparity over millions of people, we can correct for that as follows:

If the incarceration rate is 6x for your race, then you should have a 5/6 chance of getting set free on arrest. Cop rolls one dice. He can only arrest you if it comes up a 6.

If that helps balance society, & blacks are incarcerated at only 3x the rate of whites, then cops need to roll a dice, & only arrests you if it's a 4, 5, or 6.

Too random, you say? Perps can violate with impunity? Well, all crime has a dice roll around it, wondering if, by chance, they'd get caught.

(Only applies to non-violent crimes). (Might also apply to thefts, if only we can figure out restitution to victims.)

sophocles, Feb 13 2014

Andrew Dice Clay as Crime Fighter http://www.tv.com/shows/bangers/
Alas never aired :( [theircompetitor, Feb 13 2014]

Cheating at dice http://sharpsandflats.com/dice_02.html
[normzone, Feb 13 2014]


       //"nobody's racist anymore"// except the next-gen of whoever happens to be empowered in this one.   

       Reminds me of a sidestreet which was the only thru between areas A and B; very rich neighbourhood. For decades the street had no maintenance, it was fraught with potholes. Some well-meaning councillor decides to level things up, fixes them all and puts in a new coat of asphalt. Shiny. Lo and behold the traffic is now too fast for the street. Whodathunkit. So now it has speed bumps. Mind you they're very pretty speed bumps.
FlyingToaster, Feb 13 2014

       How do you know he/she is black? Blood test? Written test?   

       Slow Obese folks are easier to catch? Should they get some dice help? Obese and black is an automatic get out of jail free card? Have to roll two 6s.   

       When the only job in your neighborhood is drug dealer, should you be forced to leave mom's house and live elsewhere?
popbottle, Feb 13 2014

       I like this idea but I have a problem with the issue alltogether.   

       I like the idea because the existing system may or may not treat you unfairly if you are black and the dice option would give everyone no matter what color a fighting chance. I believe that it would be fun to hear the "weighted dice" arguments that the media would market full blast every time a guilty someone got out of trouble because of this color or that color of their skin a particular dice was used etc.. etc...   

       Related to this issue I would like to understand the real root causes of the "5-10x locked up" numbers that you throw out. I know that it is easy to draw a line directly to racism and i am by no measure an expert on the issue of racism or its varied impacts on society except that I have grown up in america but we should be weary that there isn't something more negative at play that targets all of us no matter what color. Making people hate one another is an effective way to control a nation. Perhaps a six sided dice isn't going to be fair enough. Maybe it should be a 3 sided dice and if you roll a 3 you should skate no matter what.
vfrackis, Feb 18 2014


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