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Digital receipts

Have a unique QR code displayable on phone or on a card to auto register purchases onto a personal database
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In new zealand, everything is paid for by EFTPOS (using bank card at point of sale)

There is a move to register peoples email addresses so they get sent their purchase information.

Filling in that kind of thing is a bother, especially when haste is required.

why not have a service that stores your personal data on a hyper link or something. Auto registering you at various places with the scan of the code.

You could have different codes for different levels of data required. If you don't want them to have your details, it could be done.

It would be great if the site was usable as a storage for actual receipts. ie you could bring up a QR code for them, the business scans it and now they know what the purchase is, say for returns etc

lostmind, Jan 08 2013




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