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Dishwasher loading algorithm

No more wasted space
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Having trouble fitting the antique serving platter along with various odd-shaped pots and pans into the diswasher? Didn't you play enought Tetris as a youngster? The dishwasher loading algorithm solves all your arrangement woes.

Simply enter the inventory of dirty dishes, and the dishwasher graphically displays the optimal layout on the front panel. It maximizes efficency by minimizing the number of wash cycles.

Aq_Bi, May 03 2005


       This reminds me of something my dad told me once about procuremnt of office supplies. Naturally, one would want to shop around for the best deal, however, one should not spend so much time looking-- after all, if a person is paid $20 an hour, and spends an hour to save 10 cents on some printing paper, he has not does his boss a favor.   

       The same principle applies here. Entering all your dirty dishes into a cleaning algorithm would take more time than what is worthwhile.
Madai, May 03 2005

       Each year Moore's law tells us it takes half as much electricity to calculate the optimal dish-load for a washer, but the amout of water, electricity, &/or yak powered conveyor motivator needed to wash the dishes stays approximately the same barring some half-baked Dyson fog-dishwasher or nano-silver coated dinnnerware.   

       Anyway of course you don't have to enter the dirty dishes manually. That's because your kitchen cabinets and drawers have an RFID inventory-o-matic connected via your home's IPv6 network to your washer (the same system orders new plates for you if you break one). Laser targeting systems highlight the optimal loading position for each dish.
joeforker, Jul 04 2005

       <aside> By odd coincidence, as I was reading this, they started an item on the TV by introducing a person called Phil Plate.<aside>
Basepair, Jul 04 2005


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