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Dive Torch/Camera

One device to carry. Beam of torch shows framing of picture.
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Dive cameras are mostly bulky, clumsy things. They're difficult to handle. You can't see where you're pointing them without holding them awkwardly in front of your face.

Make a waterproof LED torch with a camera in the centre of a rectangular reflector. Arrange the reflector so that the edge of the brightest part of the beam shows the limits of the photograph. Point the torch at the thing you want to photograph. When the beam strikes it squarely, click the shutter release. No screen to look at. No need to hold the camera in front of your face.

Connect an external strobe for better quality images and to avoid reflective particles. The torch could be set to dim when the strobe fires.

st3f, Oct 29 2007


       If you were in a shallow reef in daylight, could you see the beam?
bungston, Oct 29 2007

       Simple solution: dive in the darkness. Don't tell anyone where you're going. And roll around in raw beef before you hit the water.
shapu, Oct 29 2007

       bungston: Probably not. In shallow water in bright daylight I think you'd be better off with a normal dive camera.   

       This thing's going to be more useful at 10+ metres when the reds have disappeared from the ambient light.
st3f, Oct 29 2007

       Haaang on a minute, that gives me an idea. A torch / video camera light which has a depth gauge, a light meter and a clock built in. It automagically adjusts the colour of the beam to compensate for the colour loss.   

       [st3f] Your torch could have a laser pointer option for daytime use (I wonder if that would piss off anything aquatic or if they'd chase it like a kitten).   

       <pre-empt>No I've never taken a kitten diving</pre-empt>
marklar, Oct 30 2007

       [shapu] I've done that, but I used fish guts instead. It's very exciting.   

       I've also turned off my lights and just waited. When a lobster swims into your back or under your armpit, I don't know who's more surprised.
normzone, Oct 30 2007

       Sounds like free dinner to me.
shapu, Oct 30 2007


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